January 7, 2011

Treasure Hunting Places

Dixiajie Used Bookstore (Underground Stair, 地下階)

We often heard that "other's junks can be someone's treasure". I did not totally feel that way until I came to Yongkang Street, Taipei. Although there are many antique and second hand stores in Taipei, I found these two places hidden in the Yongkang St. are my treasure hunting lands.

Near famous "Din Tai Fung" restaurant, "Dixia Jie"(Underground Stair, 地下階,) is often missed since it is hidden on the corner of a small street. We almost missed the tiny stair entrance; however, this entrance takes us to a different world. Lots of old but cool posters and collectable pins are display right at the entrance.

The founder of the bookstore described this place is a warehouse which distributes the decadence of the modern. He offers high prices to the ones who want to get rid of used books. He wants people to know how valuable these used books are.

The bookstore is filled with used Chinese and English books, textbooks, CD, vinyl records, stamps, and postcards. It also offers cozy reading areas. Spending time in here can find lots of surprises!

Zhaoheting Antique Market (昭和町文物市集)

Farther down on the Yongkang Street, near National Taiwan Normal University, Zhaoheting Antique Market (昭和町文物市集) is located in the Jinan Market. Yongkang Street was named as Zhaoheting Street during the Japanese Colonial Era. It consists now of more than 20 antique shops after it opened about 2 years ago.

We got there around 4:00 pm, only a few shops were opened. Although the market is open from 2-10:00pm, the best time to shop here is after 5:00pm.

Because of the nostalgia trend, we can see lots of old items being re-produced with the old look; however, Zhaoheting Market is the place to find the real treasures.

"Suanpan" is the devices that use one-to-one correspondence with our fingers to aid computation for thousands of years. This old suanpan reminds me of my math learning at the school!

The old movie poster and childhood play cards.

The traditional Chinese medicine cabinet.

This is indeed a small place for big things. With luck, you may see celebrities treasure hunting here as well. If you do care for antique and used books, don’t miss these two places on the Yongkang Street in Taipei.

DixiaJie (地下階) Used Bookstore:

Address: No.11-4 B1, Yongkang St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City

Zhaoheting Antique Market (昭和町文物市集):

Address: No.60 YongKang St. Da’an Dist., Taipei City

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Rafael Lam said...

Very nice place! Thanks for share a nice place again!

I think it's great for choose some old deco from my new home!

micki and kristen said...

Rafael, you are very welcome, and congratulation for your new home~~ :)

Rafael Lam said...

Re: You're welcome micki! I already read your mail, hope this information can help you:

shloke said...

I like both Dixiajie Used Bookstore and Zhaoheting Antique Market! The rustic-like ambiance is really attractive. LOVE IT so much! Picture 3 is my favorite =)

OLD IS GOLD :) By the way, Happy New Year to both Mickey & Kristen! 新年快樂! Hope it's not too late :p

London Caller said...

I love second-hand books and I often buy old books from charity shops, second-hand bookshops, flea markets.
The smell of old books is simply irresistible! Ha ha...

But I also go to my local libraries often so I don't end up having too many books in my place!

I like that "我們一定要解放台灣" poster.
Do they also have "我們一定要解放西藏"?

micki and kristen said...

@Shloke-Thanks! Happy New Year to you too! It's never too late~~ and year of Rabbit is not arriving yet :) :)

@Londoncaller-I did not see the poster of "我們一定要解放西藏" in there, but I am sure a poster for that is existing somewhere :)

lechua said...

hiya... did u get anything for urselves for sentimental sake?

micki and kristen said...

@Rafael- Thank you so much for the information! :)

@Lechua- I was looking for the old comic books in the Dixiajie, but I did not find the ones I wanted. The prices in the antique market are not cheap, so I ended in getting nothing, but I did have lots of fun just by finding stuff there.. ;0)

London Caller said...

Ha ha... Where? Tibet?
Sometimes I really sympathise those people in Tibet.
One day...

San said...


micki and kristen said...

@Londoncaller-也許耒一趟 "找尋失落的西藏海報之旅" 也不錯喲!:)

@San- Thanks! 舊時光真是另人回味啊!

Nel said...

The blog is very good!

micki and kristen said...

Thanks Nel! :)

Anonymous said...

I remember doing treasure hunting and I was really sweating because it is adventurous.

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andrea chiu said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us. Keep it up and continue on what your doing. Visit my site too.



Unknown said...

My hobby is to tumble and polish antique bottles in the U.S. We visit Taiwan about once every couple years but I have never seen any antique glass bottles from Taiwan. Are there any and when did Taiwan first begin to make glass bottles?

Ron Huyk said...

I enjoyed reading this, really interesting!!!

Jim Jalos said...

which stores sells coins?

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