January 14, 2011

Wowoho Workshop。Handmade Wooden Spoon


I always like a handmade wooden spoon. Each carving on the wood is filled with simple and interesting texture. How wonderful if I can make and own a wooded spoon! A woodwork house in Taipei let me to DIY my own unique spoon.



Once we entered the door of Wowoho, the room is filled with all kinds of wood toys on the display area, tables, floors and even hanging on the ceiling. No wonder this place is a wood paradise.

By shaking the wooden plate, black-faced spoonbill swings and heads down to find food. If you pull the bottom plate of the bear, the bear could tilt and make a funny gesture.


Can’t move my eyes away from this lovely gyroscope.


Besides the toys, there are many household items in Wowoho, such as the lovely hanger. I think the kids would love to help hang their clothes if they own these cute hangers.


The workshop starts now! The instructor explained to us which wood is good for making the spoon and the making process. We then picked the teak to make the spoon. First we had to see if there were any cracks on the wood and then, based on the texture of the wood plan and design the way we want. We draw a shape of the spoon and then we had to chop the extra wood off.


After it is fixed, and then we had to scoop the spoon shallow bowl out. I thought it would be difficult to do, but it was quite simple. Making the shape with a chisel and a wooden mallet.


This is the depth and curvature of the spoon shallow bowl that I made.


Here came the tiring “Chopping” process. To chop the extra wood sounded very easy, but it was not. The machete was very heavy, after several chopping, I found my hand becoming sore. We had to take breaks in between.


I could not even lift up my hand at this point. The shape started to come out, but I had not even started the work of the handle yet!


After the shape was formed, I used a smaller knife to trim. Actually my hand was not with me at that time. I could not even hold a smaller knife.


Finally, I completed the whole process by smoothing the surface with the sandpaper. I still needed to do the extra smoothing at home. Although the whole process was tiring, it was very fun to make my own spoon! Read More


Jorge Miyashiro said...

Loved the issue! Mainly the toys.

San said...


The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I love hand-made crafts because a lot of work went into it. Now that's some spoon you'd be proud to display in your home - your very own work!

kristen and micki said...

@ Jorge-Thanks! I also like your handmade wooden puppet figures too!

@ San and The Normadic Pinoy- I felt the job accomplished and thanks for liking my handmade spoon~~ :)

lechua said...

aaah cool... next time u could try something even more complicated and add to ur wooden collection!

kristen and micki said...

@ lechua- I am doing lots of wood work now and I am ready for a complicated project! :) (Kristen)

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