August 8, 2010

Fishing Experience in the Salt House family lodging


To me, the best trip depends on the persons that I meet or the stories that I heard. When I stayed at Beimen, Tainan County, Mr. Hong who is the owner of the Salt House family lodging, not only shared the stories of his community involvement experience, but also took us to see the village, salt field, and oyster shed, including going into the water to catch fish. We had a great vacation.


Salt House family lodging is near the Jingzijiao salt filed and the first family lodging in Beimen Township. Mr. Hong spent 3 years building a very simple and fun family lodging restaurant with recycled materials that he collected by the sea, such as float balls, fishing nets, and driftwood.



The street lamp is made of the wasted wooden pole.

The soil in Beimen Township is very barren; however, Mr. Hong utilized the oyster shells to improve the soil. Now, lot of flowers and trees can be seen in the garden behind the family lodging restaurant.


There are pavilion and hammock set next to the restaurant. It is an open and semi open air restaurant rest area. The large fish pond in front of the restaurant provides visitors fishing and raffle experience.


The unique thing of the Salt House is the antique decorations with a nostalgia feeling. The large widows offer a great view of indoor and outdoor.


The tables were made with the wasted water gate. If you look at it closely, the table is filled with large and small holes created by the attached snails.


With the creativities and thoroughly thinking, the old spoons, plates, chopsticks holder, table cover net, cymbals and broken tiles urn all have become the unique decorations of the house. Surprises can be found at every corner in the restaurant and stories shared from each antique piece. The bamboo made snack box impressed me the most. (The item shows on the right side of the photo)



Mrs. Hong has been recognized by her excellent cooking skill. Her cooking was also selected as the first place for the local snack selection and represented Beimen Township in the Taipei International Food Show. Of course we would not miss trying her food since we came far way.

“Oyster Thin Noodles” is one of the signature dishes of the Salt House family lodging. Different than the regular thin noodle, Mr. Hong’s is stir fry oyster, thin noodle with onion oil, simple with fresh taste. Salt Bake Shrimp is made with fresh shrimp and added with a bit salt to bring out the flavor. It was just so tasty.


“Watermelon Milkfish” is Tainan unique local cuisine, is also the signature dish of the Salt House family lodging. The unripe watermelon is marinade to sweet and sour flavors to make soup with jingle treads and milkfish.


The best way to see the Yonghua village and Jingzijiao salt field is by bicycle. Salt House family lodging provides free bikes. Touring with Mr. Hong, we visited Yonghua village.


Mr. Hong installed a large net into the fish pond on every evening, and picked up the net on every early morning around 5:00. We went to see his work the next day.


Mr. Hong said that this is his daily exercise, and he also eats fresh seafood. We would never know what would be caught every day, but it was kind of fun. Today, we caught a large crab. We were so exciting and felt like winning a lottery.


We put them away as soon as we caught them.


We caught a lot today, has lots of shrimps and 3 large crabs. Mr. Hong put those small shrimp, crabs, and fish back into the water. He also taught us how to tell the difference between male and female crabs. The male has the triangle shape on his belly cover (picture on the upper left), and female the oval shape (the picture on the upper right).


We went to catch the fish afterwards. We were standing on the fish pond bank; one was holding the net, and another the bucket. Mr. Hong was holding the net on the other side, and we moved forward slowly. We saw the scared fishes jumping in the water. The amount of the fishes we caught was amazing.


On the half way, Mr. Hong would like to stop and walk back since he did not want to catch too many.



What a great harvest! Beside more than 10 Milkfish, there were 2 large See Bass that we caught. We ended this fishing experience with an excitement.

We spent an unforgettable 2 days 1 night vacation with Mr. Hong. Because of his hospitalities, Beimen Yonghua Village is the place that I would like to visit again in the fall. Besides visiting them, I would like to see the flying beauty of the Whiskered Tern.

鹽鄉民宿餐廳 (Salt House Family Lodging Restaurant)

Address: No.57, Jingzijiao, Yonghua Village, Beimen Township, Tainan County

Telephone: 06-7862643 Read More


Rafael Lam said...

A different family and different life compare with us, sometimes I want to leave from the city and have a natural life too!

fufu said...

watermelon milkfish... i wanna try to soup... it's cold now in brazil... hihihi well i like the way you enjoy your travel ;p hihihi keep it up mate!

London Caller said...

That sounds like a fun place!
I think I would probably spend my whole day by the pond catching little fish, crabs and prawns.

Milkfish? I have never had them before.
I don't think we have them in Malaysia...

As for the seabass, we actually refer them as "Barramundi" (金目鱸)in Malaysia. Here in England, seabass is actually another of fish, very different from the catch shown in your photo.

So I did a mini research and realised that "Barramundi" is also known as "Asian seabass"....Ahhhhh!

I learnt something new from you again. Thanks! :)

Zhu said...

What a cute little place! And M. Hong seems to be exactly the right hosts, passionate and knowledgeable.

I agree with you, traveling is mostly about being at the right place at the right time and meeting the right people. Looks like it was the case for you! You brought back a lovely set of pictures, and you know how much I like seafood!

lechua said...

heya.. so u stayed at this family lodging and u got to observe their daily fishing life? that's really great... u've captured other villages too - do u always homestay at the village?

shloke said...

I totally agree with you! The hospitality of the people and the delicious food will leave a deep impression in our mind. The red flowers in Picture 3 are known as Ixora.

I would love to spend my 2D 1N vacation with Mr. Hong! Looks like a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

kristen and micki said...

@Rafael-Same to me, I wish to leave the city to get closer to the nature!

@Fufu- It was a hot day when I had the watermelon milkfish soup. We were in an air-conditioned room; otherwise we would have sweated heavily! I think it would be much better having the milkfish soup in the winter time! You must be glad to move to a cooler place now since it is so hot everywhere in the world.



@Zhu- Glad you enjoy this kind of trip as well. I think we all own a couple of unforgettable trips in our lifetime! Thanks!

@Lechua- Yes, I always stay at the family lodgings when I travel in Taiwan, especially the owners are the local residents because they can offer and share lots of local experiences with me. I always find “surprises” from them.

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