July 31, 2010

Liushi Shishan, Orange Daylily


The Liushi Shishan (Rock Mountain) of Fuli Twoship in Hualian County is one of the three major orange daylily production regions in Taiwan. In August and September, it is hard to get a train ticket to Hualian, especially from Taipei during the Orange Daylily blooming season. Crowds come to Liushi Shishan to see the beauty of the Orange Daylily.


The beauty of the Liushi Shishan is attributed to the broad view of the high elevation and contiguous slopes. The orange-yellow flowers blended with green grass, blue sky and white clouds create a spectacular scene.


Strolling through the slopes, you would find surprises and enjoyments.


The Orange Daylilies cover about 300 hectares and are the main income source for the local residents. The farmers harvest the buds during this season. The picture is showing you the bags filled with harvested buds.


The farmers work so hard in the field. It is a tough job with very limited income. It is said that they only make NT$10 for one kilogram of daylilies.


Working a several hours under the harsh sun, it is quite a tough. However, in order to make money during this season, they carry on regardless of hardship.


Most of the Orange Daylilies would need to be dried up to make dry snack to sell, however, a few were be eaten fresh. Therefore, dried daylilies is the must-see scenery here.


After harvesting, famers would leave a large area to dry the daylilies and let visitors enjoy the special flower scenery.


There are lots of steps and walkway at Liushi Shishan Scenic Area. We saw surprises on each step. However, we could still see the beautiful scenery even though we did not climb up.


Lots of pavilions with different scenes and lookout can be seen inside the scenic area as well. They are the good resting and cooling areas. They keep cool even during noon time.


“Wangyou Pavilion” is a must-visit spot in Liushi Shishan. It is on the peak of the mountain providing the view of the valley and checkerboard rice terrain.


The overlook of the Wangyou Pavilion is also called as “Eastern Little Switzerland” which is the favorite spot for the sunrise photography.


There are quite a few family lodgings here and offering Orange Daylily meals. Besides sightseeing, don’t forget to try the Orange Daylily meal! It’s quite brilliant to also offer fried Orange Daylily and pumpkin. It was so tempting; of course I tasted it too.


It is worthwhile to visit Liushi Shishan even during the off season. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the peaceful feeling (Not too many visitors during off season).


PS:There is no bus to get to Liushi Shishan. You can get a taxi ride from the Fuli Railway Station or ask the family lodging to pick you up. However, all lodgings are full during the flower season. The reservation may need to be done a couple months ahead of time. You may also choose to stay in the family lodgings in Luoshan Village which is not too far from the Liushi Shishan if you can’t get a room.


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lechua said...

a great documentation of another very scenic place, especially with an insight to the farmers' lives of growing these beautiful flowers.

Todd said...

Incredible scenery! Nice shots as usual!

MKL said...

Simply beautiful. I love Taiwan!

kristen and micki said...

Thanks to all of you! Lechua, Todd, and MKL. :)

Zhu said...

It is a quite scenic place! I love the picture with the farmers... quite sad to read they make so little money. They deserve more for working so hard.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I'm not sure if orange daylily is the same as the dried lily flower my friend used when he cooked pork for dinner. It tasted really good! But the view you got up there is just breathtaking!

kristen and micki said...

@Zhu-Those workers can pick 100-150 kilogram per day. For a total earning per day, it is not too bad~~

@The Nomadic Pinoy- Yes, I think what you friend had for pork cooking is the Orange Daylily here. We usually stir fry the fresh Orange Daylilies with ginger thread, and make soup with the dry Orange Daylilies. The dry Orange Daylily is what we usually have for cooking.

shloke said...

OMG! Liushi Shishan is SO BEAUTIFUL! This looks like Heaven on Earth :) The mountain slopes, puffy clouds + endless fields of orange daylily. Simply GORGEOUS! Definitely a PERFECT place for photography.

The deep fried Orange Daylily looks like super large anchovies :)

Rafael Lam said...

This 花蓮縣富里鄉的六十石山 is so beautiful!
I think will be a bit hard for the tourist to go here... specially the reservation of room and the transportation!
But I believe will be very nice if can have holidays here!

kristen and micki said...

@Shloke-Indeed, it is so beautiful up there. During the flower blossom season, it is very hard to get a room though. Now you remind me that it does look like fried anchovies!


Unknown said...

Really great photos and site.. Just to let you know though, the reading of 石 is actually "dan4" here because it is not "rock" but instead a measure of volume: https://zh.wikipedia.org/zh-tw/石_(容量單位)

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