January 21, 2011

Miniature Museum

As a place showing me the world, the fascinating interior of the famous mansions or the palaces as well as taking me into the fairy tale stories, the Miniature Museum in Taiwan can do as good as the Small World in Disneyland. In this place, I was a giant and wished I could shrink myself to go in and play in each dollhouse. Would it be wonderful if the machine from the movie of “Honey I shrunk the kids” is available now?

Although I love the miniature collections, I was not familiar with the history of it. After I have done some research, it is interesting to know that most of the early dollhouses consist of only a living room and kitchen for the purpose to teach the young girl to do the housework. I think it even applies now, as we can see lots of Barbie’s living rooms and dollhouses are available as well. The original place of the miniature was in Germany about 400 years ago.

What a delicate and gorgeous artwork!

The Buckingham Palace in London is my favorite piece in the museum. I stood there for a while and had a close look of the castle, marching band, and soldiers.

As I was watching them, I felt like I was part of the band and marching with them. They are just so unique and lovely.

These soldiers are in the 1/30 of a real person’s height.

The museum exhibits more than 150 miniatures dollhouses and room boxes. All the models are in the scale of 12:1 (majority), 24:1, 48:1 and even 120:1. How wonderful it is to see the world artists’ delicate work in one place! The artists from US, Canada, England, Scotland, and other European countries create them.

Lin Wen-Ren and his wife found the museum in 1997. The museum displays their world masterpieces collected from their world trips. This miniature museum of Taiwan is ranked second in the world for the amount of the collections.

There are some works from the Japanese artists as well as the traditional Japanese housing, streets, and living. The beautiful cheery blossom scene really brought me into Japan.

We were a bit disappointed that we did not see the traditional Taiwanese models that present the local life. Many local creative great artists could have put lots of miniature pieces together.

Another area that we spent a long time in it is the gift shop in the museum. I did not take any photos, since we were busy in checking out all these ready-made miniature DIY kits. Furniture, kitchen sets, food sets…kept me very busy!

What a great and small fun place to spend a couple hours in Taipei!

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Unknown said...



London Caller said...

"Honey I Shrunk the Kids" is such a classic, I miss it so much!
Have you seen another film called "The Never-ending Story", that's also one of my childhood favourites!

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the Buckingham Palace, you should come here to see the real one then. Ha!

But the photo below Buckingham Palace looks more like Windsor Castle to me.

Rafael Lam said...

Wow! Thank you for introduce another interesting place!
I like this Miniature Museum, I think here is great for practise macro photography!

micki and kristen said...

@ San-在台北喲!地址是建國北路一段96號B1。

@Londoncaller-I have not seen "the never-ending story", but I will check it out. It must be very interesting!
Yes, I would definitely like to see the real Buckingham in the near future.
The castle down below is title as "English Castle", but I think you must know the name. It must be "Windsor Castle". Both of them are gorgeous! Can't wait to see the real one~~

@Rafael-I wish to have a macro lens~~ It is a great and challenging place for photography. You will definitely take awesome photos there..!

StefanMuc said...

Cool - first time you are writing about a place I've already been. :-)
It's really a nice place to visit - there are so many interesting scenes there: like a miniature bank robbery and a miniature whiskey bottle, containing real whiskey. Also when you are at the entrance, there is a small glass case with a miniature - it's a miniature of the entrance hall.

micki and kristen said...

@ Stefan- I must have missed the whiskey bottle. With the real whiskey in it, wow! This is the place that I will for sure to visit it again~~ Thanks for sharing your experience~Awesome!

Jean said...

I'm not surprised by the Japanese fascination with minature worlds. I can't explain why because executing minature world has a technical component to it plus the Japanese themselves live in tighter space...compared to Canadians.

micki and kristen said...

@ Jean- I agree. Building a miniature house needs not only artistic architecture skill, but also a very detail oriented characteristics.

London Caller said...

"The Never-ending Story" is a bit like Narnia, I think! Ha!
I watched it when I was very little.
Maybe you can watch it on YouTube, you can try it later.

There are also quite a lot of castles in Scotland too!
But most of them are ruins...
Scotland and England fought a lot in the past, so...

Wida said...

Wow! Thank you for posting this! It is very lovely and unique!

Missing Amsie Blog

micki and kristen said...

@ Londoncaller- I just watched the trailer from You Tube, looks very interesting. I think I will rent a DVD for the entire story. Thanks!

@ Wida- Thanks for visiting us. Glad you find this post interesting!

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เขียนให้ใครอ่าน said...

Where I can buy miniature dollhouse kit or miniatuer part in Taiwan?

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