November 12, 2010

Wetland Park 。Puli ,Taomi Community


Residents in the Taomi Community call frog as “Boss”, and this is not a joke. Because this “Boss” makes Taomi a model of the ecological land and tourist attraction place after the devastating 921 earthquake.

[草湳濕地] Caonan Wetland


The devastating 921 earthquake caused 2/3 of the houses in the Taomi Community to collapse. During the re-build, residents discovered that they were actually located in a rich ecological area which led them to build an ecology village to attract tourists.

[茅埔坑溪生態公園] Maopukeng Creek Ecological Park


There are 6 creeks meandering through Taomi with wetlands and ecology ponds. This is the birthplace of dozens of aquatic plants, birds, frogs, dragonflies, damselflies and other flora and fauna.


There are many family lodgings in the Taomi Community. They provide night tours of frog watching. The Frog watching tour is one of the highlights in this area. During the firefly season, they will also hold the firefly watching activities.


The best time to watch frogs is at the night time, since they were hiding during the daytime. However, you may see lots of dragonflies and damselflies during the daytime.


Children love to play the transport cage in the wetland and they get crazy about it. Not only do the children, adults also have lots of fun.


You can see lots of “Frogs” on the doors and walls in the Taomi Community.


The DIY frog is another craft activity in the community. It is pretty simple; first pick the color you like and then knead the wax into thin slices. Cover the frog with the slices and apply pressure onto it so that it will be pasted on the frog. A friend of mine made an “Angelina Jolie Frog”. Doesn’t she look sexy? Read More


The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I can't help but be amused at the first photo of the frog with those incredibly chubby cheeks hahaha!

When I was in college, we had to dissect frog specimens in our Zoology class. Not really fun.

London Caller said...



kristen and micki said...

@The Nomadic Pinoy- Thanks! I remember I did that too in my high school, and it was pretty scary~~

@Londoncaller- It sounds like your birth place is beautiful and you had lots of fun! Ha, I don’t think I can handle 蟑螂, 壁虎, and 鱷魚...

fufu said...

wow must be a nice place for families :) wish i could have such nice wetland to visit here in curitiba...not only park park and park... lol

kristen and micki said...

@Fufu- Curitiba, Brazil offers different sceneries and enjoy reading all your discoveries! Look forward to reading more from Brazil~~

Anonymous said...

The flora and the fauna look amazing. I have never seen these kind of frog, they look... tropical!

What a great idea... after such a terrible disaster, starting from fresh with respect to mother nature.

kristen and micki said...

@Zhu- Indeed it was unbelievable that the residents in Taomi built an awesome wetland park after the terrible disaster. I like your description of the frogs- "Tropical", I think that explains it all!

London Caller said...

Ha ha... It was a small village - all the kids play with that sorta animals back then. You got so close to nature too!

lechua said...

heya... that's really good close ups of the frogs!

kristen and micki said...

@Londoncaller- You were very lucky to grow up in that environment!

@Lechua- Thanks! Taomi is such a great place to watch the frogs~~

shloke said...

OMG! Mr. Froggie in Picture 4 is SO CUTE! I want to smuggle it out of the wetland :)

kristen and micki said...

@Mylo- Thanks! This froggie is also pretty good looking too~~ :o)

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