October 3, 2010

Red Sugar Cane。Puli


The red sugar cane in Nantou Puli is very famous for its fresh, juicy and sweetness. Coming to Puli and chewing sugar cane is something you don’t want to miss. If you can harvest sugar cane in the field, it would definitely make the trip more interesting!


PS: There are white and red sugar canes. White sugar cane looks light green outside with rough fiber meat is and contains less juice with high sugar content. It is usually used to produce sugar. Red sugar cane looks purple outside; fiber meat is soft, fresh, sweet and with more juice. It is the sugar cane we usually eat.



By following the young farmer Peng, Yucheng footsteps, a group of friends came to his sugar cane garden. The garden has installed lots of stainless steel frames to let the sugar canes grow straight and prevent the damage that typhoon may cause.

Sugar cane can make juice and eaten. Sugar cane bagasse can also be composted and for making paper, fuel, and plastic fiber plywood. The leaves of the sugar cane can be used to feed the cows, as compost, and as roofing materials. The top stem of the sugar cane (also known as “Sugar Cane Bamboo Shoot” makes a great dish. The whole sugar cane can be utilized. After Mr. Peng’s sharing, he started to demonstrate how to harvest sugar cane.

長長的甘蔗到底要怎麼拔? 照片中那齜牙裂嘴的模樣,是友人開玩笑裝出來的。其實,甘蔗的根很淺,大致上來說,只要搖一搖、拉一拉,再扯一扯,就可以完整的拔出來。

How to pull a long sugar cane on the field? A friend of mine was joking with her funny face. Actually, sugar cane can be very easily pulled since it has a shallow root.


The leaves, head and bottom of the sugar cane need to be cleaned. The bottom can be re-planted too! Do not touch the leaves since it is covered with sharp sawteeth on the edges. Be careful, don’t get cut.


After the harvesting, we went to the family lodging “Cheng Long Villa” that is owned by Mr. Peng. Mr. Peng’s father welcomed us with a fresh sugar cane. We started to chew on the juicy sugar cane which brought back lots of our childhood memories.


Sugar cane juice is a great healthy natural drink that reduces the heat and stops the thirst. In order to provide customers with fresh juice, a sugar cane juice maker is available in the villa.


The hot sugar cane juice can treat coughing and release the cold symptoms. A piece of ginger is added and it can warm your body. Making juice with the roasted sugar cane is how the hot sugar cane juice is made.


The roasted sugar cane smells like the roasted sweet potato. Each one of us has a long sugar cane. We were playing it as a sword.

甘蔗還可以拿來入菜哦! 「左圖」甘蔗燉豬腳,入味好吃,不油膩。 「右上」甘蔗筍炒福菜,口感清爽,還有淡淡梅乾香。 「右下」甘蔗酒燒酒雞,這道可是大夥的最愛,一碗接一碗,喝不夠,再叫一大鍋。

Sugar Cane can be a great dish too! (Picture on the left) Sugar cane stews pork, tasty but not greasy. (Picture on the right top) Sugar cane stir fry Fu vegetable, fresh with dry plum fragrance. (Picture on the right bottom) Sugar cane wine chicken. This dish is our favorite. We ordered a large pot since it was not enough for all of us.


In order to increase the fruit value and extend the life of the fruit, Mr. Peng is also involved in developing the fruit wine. He makes sugar cane wine. After the meal, we went to his wine villa to make rose wine ourselves.


It is made with sugar cane wine, two organic roses, and some dried rose. Remove the calyx, add the dried rose, fresh rose and sugar cane wine, close the lid, and seal it. The whole process is complete.


Don’t forget to taste the red sugarcane when you come to Puli!

民宿:成龍山莊 Family Lodging: Cheng Long Villa 網址 (Web):hhttp://www.minsu.idv.tw/ Read More


dennis said...

mm i'd like to try sugar cane wine looks interesting

Anonymous said...

I only knew the white sugar cane, never heard of the red one! And I had no idea it could be grown in Taiwan. Well I guess you have topical climate.

The juice looks good... but isn't it insanely sweet?

Rafael Lam said...

I like cane juice, I didn't notice that have red sugar cane before... must have very nice juice! Really want to try it!

kristen and micki said...

@Dennis- I gave the sugar cane wine to my friend as a gift so I do not know the taste of it; however, my friend told me that it tasts very good!

@Zhu and Rafael-I did not know the red sugar cane either until I made the trip to Puli. The sugar cane juice is very sweet. The nature sweet makes it so tasty!

fufu said...

wow didnt know sugar cane can be a great dish !!!! amazing! but the roasted one is superb!! lol

kristen and micki said...

@fufu-That was my first time to eat roasted sugar cane and that was very good.

Rafael Lam said...

Re: Thanks micki, that was a unforgettable dinner!
I couldn't access to the Blogger and Facebook
when I was in Shanghai too... I think need a
special program to do that...
Btw, I'm waiting for your pictures from China!

shloke said...

Nothing beats a fresh cup of sugar cane water!!!

Sugar cane dishes + wine? OH YUM...MY!

kristen and micki said...

@Shloke— People in Malaysia love sugar cane juice too, read it in one of your posts! Isn’t that special that the sugar cane dishes go with the wine!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing your experience. I would like to bring my family to experience it. Could you recommend how did you book the sugar cane tour? I have emailed to the owner about it & accommodation(winery & minsu) but there are no responses from them.

kristen and micki said...

Hello, did you write them in Chinese or English? It might have been the reason if you wrote them in English. We will try to contact them if you need help in Chinese...

beaready1 said...

can i buy some of this red cane from the usa,,,

kristen and micki said...

Hi, Beaready1 You may check online to see if they do have those export to US. I kind of doubt it, since it is an agricultural product, and it has lots of export restriction..

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