June 26, 2010

Penghu。Ocean Ranch


“Ocean Ranch” is a new business which combines net cultivation and tourism. The owner uses floaters to build a platform on the ocean for tourists to fish and enjoy fresh seafood. It is a playful ocean paradise.


There are many Ocean Ranches that can be selected in the “Nanhai Visitor Center” in Penghu. We selected “Sea Palace”. We bought the tickets and waited for the ferry to pick us up to go to Ocean Ranch.


We were welcomed by a whole table of fresh oysters once we docked. One of the activities in Ocean Ranch was to enjoy the unlimited grilled oysters.


Oyster’s juice would burst once it is heated; therefore, it is better to make the oyster’s opening inward. The oyster would become dry if it is grilled too long and the falling ashes make an exploding sound once they touch the charcoal. How do we know if the oysters are cooked? If you hear a mild exploding sound and the bubbles start coming out from the edge of the oysters, they are cooked.


After the staff’s demonstration, it is time to DIY. The grilled fresh catch oysters taste delicious. The table was filled with the oyster shells; visitors finished one dish after another. We had so much fun!


Beside the fresh oysters, there are unlimited seafood rice soups to taste. If you would like to eat sashimi, fresh fish soup, and seafood cuisine, additional cost will apply.


Walk on the platform; we can see how they work.


After the eating, we were ready for fishing. There are a several different sizes cultivation ponds with different kinds of fish. We got to choose the pond we liked.


However, fishing here needs not use a hook. A half mackerel is tied to the pole as the bait for fishing.


I had to try it since I was here. However, I waited for a while, but there were no fish caught. They were swimming around the bait.



I did not catch anything, but a friend in the group caught the cobia. Another friend almost caught a squid and it ran away unfortunately.

PS: The fish caught need to be returned to the pond. This is only an activity. However, you would get a coupon for a drink if you catch a fish.


Be careful with the squid juice! When the worker was catching a squid, it spurted black juice. We were screaming. If you look closely on this photo, the squid just spurted!


A giant squid.


It was a 3 hour activity. Besides the day activity, you can select the small squid fishing at night. Personally, I think this activity in the Ocean Ranch is good for a very fun half day. Read More


dennis said...

mm does look like a very interesting experience :)

shloke said...

'Unlimited grilled oysters'??? Gulp!!! That's AWESOME! Have you tried raw oyster with a dash of lemon juice and sea salt? Taste GREAT!

Anonymous said...

This is so cool!
We have similar thing called "kelong" in Malaysia.
When I was young I got really excited when my family went there.
However, we didn't use line fishing but instead with the fish net to scoop up the fish from the "pond".
We sometimes fished outside the "pond", if we caught any puffer fish, we also killed them instantly... Kelong people told us to do so, because the fish like to destroy their nets...
What a waste, could have exported to Japan! They like to eat fugu!!!

Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea!

I grew up nearby "marais salant" (salt marsh) and it looked a little bit like that.

Do you like oysters? I don't mind it (i.e. it doesn't gross me out) but I'm not a huge fan of the raw kind and this is how people eat them in France. Grilled would suit me better!

Another great photo-documentary girls :-)

Todd said...

Too bad I'm not a fan of oysters. If it was all you can eat shrimp I would be there in a heartbeat!

kristen and micki said...

@dennis-Indeed it was a great experience!

@Shloke-I have never tried it. I will give a try next time when I have the raw oyster again!


@Zhu-In fact I am not a big fan of the oysters too; however, the grilled oysters tasted very good. I ate several of them. I don't have the courage to taste the raw oysters though! :)

@Todd-Ha! If those were the shrimps, I think I would have not left Penghu. I am a super fan of the shrimps too! :):)

Rafael Lam said...

Unlimited seafoods are so attractive!
Those grilled oysters look so nice and I'm thinking how tasty is the congee with fresh oysters! Very nice place!

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Oh my, where else could you get anything fresher than this - right at the very source? I'd love to try the grilled oysters!

Anonymous said...



kristen and micki said...

@Rafael- I did not taste the seafood rice soup since I was not too hungry at that time, so I do not know how it tastes..

@The Nomadic Pinoy –The grilled oysters tasted very good, and the process was very interesting. I was scared by the exploding sounds..:)


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