May 29, 2010

Juming Museum


Juming Museum is located at Jishan Town, Taipei County. It was originally used to store Juming’s large scale art works. These art works were found to fit into the surrounding environment with a special charm. Juming started the thought to establish an art museum.


The museum was established in 1999 and occupies an area about 11 hectares. It is the largest outdoor art museum in Taiwan. The museum was built along the terrain divided into a dozen regions. There are several indoor exhibition halls, outdoor performing arts area, a water recreation area, and a number of piazzas.


The “Tai Chi” series in the Tai Chi square are the most internationally well-known art works of Juming’s. Juming’s work was to keep the natural texture and look without carving for delicacy. It is fulfilled with strength and beauty of nature and has fully represented the spirit and content of Tai Chi. This is my favorite series.


“Living World Series” is based on our lifestyles. To describe many different lifestyles with a very simple subject has created several interesting art works.


The “Armed Forces” of the “Living World Series” has the most displays among all other series in the museum. It includes 300 pieces of art work of “Army”, “Navy”, and “Air Force” heroes including those during the war against the Japanese invasion. These human sculptures are located on the grass area. They are Styrofoam cast bronze work. If you look at them closely, you can find the Styrofoam texture giving a very simple and natural look.


There are names on the uniforms. It is said that those are the names of the sponsors. If you adopt one of the works, your name will show up on the human sculpture.


Among all these human sculptures, a vacant space is deliberately shown among them. For example, the space is for visitors to take a picture with the sculpture. I think this is the way to have visitor interacting with the arts. (Here are the soliders! Let’s salute!)


“The Scientists” of the “Living World Series” has world famous scientists’ sculptures. There are Cai Lun (paper), Bi Sheng (movable type), Newton, Einstein and Madame Curie.. Etc. This is also a region for children to play and it has a lot of water play areas for chaildren. A variety of aquatic plants can also been seen here.


“Jujun Building” is an area that has Jujun’s “Zipper Series”. He is the eldest son of Juming and is also a well-known sculptor. The photo is showing the “Zipper Lotus Pond”.


The pyramid-shaped building is the museum. Beside the colored sculptures of the “Living World Series” and the “Swimming Series”, it also has the early time Juming’s wood and pottery work, his teachers Li, Jinchuan, and Yang, YinFong’s work and historical data.

進美術館本館前,還得「排排隊」哦! 據說,下雨時美術館的遊客特少,為了不讓美術館在雨天時太過冷清,朱銘便創作了一些穿雨衣、帶雨具的「遊客」。這樣的話,無論何時本館門前都是「遊客如織」呀!

Don’t forget to get in line to enter the museum! It is said that there are not many visitors in the museum when it rains. In order not to let the museum look too empty, Juming created these “visitors” with rain coats on. In this case, there are always visitors showing up at the entrance door.


The “Swimming Series” is made with stainless steel by Juming. It is very special that each girl sculpture has different style; some are stretching warm-up, some sit in the pool swimming, some are lying on the couch flirting. Although the theme is “Swimming”, I can’t see any works related to ‘Swimming”. I think Juming would like to present the atmosphere of water fun instead of “Swimming” itself.



Juming Museum is very huge with lots of exhibitions. I can’t cover it all. There are more his art works in Juming's official website .

Let’s guess! Why does this sculpture have no color among all others in the above photo?


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Anonymous said...

Styrofoam cast bronze artwork?
Really interesting and unusual.
One thing I don't really get it:
How come the Styrofoam mould didn't melt away when hot bronze was poured into it?

fufu said...

oh my god!!!! this juming museum is great!!!!! very special!!!! i like it very much... will definitely go visit if i fly back to taipei again... thanks for sharing... seriously i am very impressed!!! =p

kristen and micki said...



@fufu-I have wanted to introduce the Juming Museum to everyone because I think this is an excellent place to enjoy and to spend time. If you do visit Taiwan next time, plan to spend a day in the Juming Museum. Take time and enjoy the surrounding environment. You can also visit the nearby Jin Shan old street and enjoy the yummy food there! :)

Rafael Lam said...

I really like the Tai Chi series, must visit Juming Museum next time I go to Taipei, thanks for your information!
My must visit list is getting longer...

Rafael Lam said...

Forget to tell you, the Tai Chi series were showing in Macau Leal Senado Square some years before, they are amazing!

Todd said...

I've been meaning to make a return trip to this museum for ages. It's a wonderful museum!

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of the artist but now I'm curious. Like you, I like the “Tai Chi” series, at least the part you showed. It's an interesting way to see the world!

I like when art is not locked inside a museum, but on display outside for a change.

Anonymous said...


kristen and micki said...

@Rafael- So good to know that you saw Tai Chi series in Macau too! Welcome you to join us in Taiwan!

@Todd- Museum has new exhibitions often. You will definitely see the new exhibitions next time~~ :)

@Zhu-Tai Chi series is the most famous art of Juming’s. I think it is hard to have Tai Chi’s art level for his later series after Tai Chi.


shloke said...

Styrofoam cast human sculptures? That's AWESOME! The first three pictures caught my attention. I was wondering....How do you create such a gigantic metal-like art pieces??!! The Tai Chi series, also Styrofoam casted?

The armed forces sculptures look like stone!!! The 'visitors with rain coats on' - great idea!

Anonymous said...



kristen and micki said...

To Mylo- Yes, they are all styrofoam cast sculptures. Lots of visitors would like to stand in between the figure sculptures and have their pictures taken. Believe it or not, it can be hard to tell which one is real and a sculpture on the photos.

To Londoncaller- If we will find a short video for that, will let you know!

taiwanese girl said...

your photoshoot is good :)

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