April 4, 2010

Yingge, the Ceramic Town

Yingge, the artistic town in the southwest of Taipei City belongs to the Taipei County. It is Taiwan’s ceramic landmark and the ceramic lovers’ paradise. Going through history, Yingge’s flame from its ceramic kilns has been burning for over 200 years. From one generation to the next, Yingge’s ceramic continues to shine as the stars!

We came to Yingge to visit the famous Pottery Street and Yingge Ceramic Museum by a 50 minute train ride from the Taipei Railroad Station. Although I am very interested in ceramic making, I have never had a chance to experience the process. However, the Yingge trip had given me a great taste of the pottery art and history!

Yingge was named by an eagle-shaped rock on the north side of the Yingge. The history of Yingge pottery began 200 years ago when Wu An from China moved to Yingge to become the first potter in Yingge, since the clay soil in Yingge is suitable for pottery making.

In the past, almost every resident was making pottery for living on the street. It had 800 pottery manufacturers during the peak time.

An old chimney is the landmark of Yingge called “Square Kiln. “Square Kiln” refers to the Kiln as a square room space. Following the landmark, we arrived at the Old Street, also named “Pottery Street”.

Yingge Old Street has been re-built with modern look. The street is full with pottery shops. This is the place to find the best quality “Made in Taiwan” potteries, ceramics art, and porcelains. The cost of the fine arts can be very expensive as well.

Some pottery stores also offer DIY activities for the kids and adults. The reservations are needed. I plan to participate in one of the activities for the next time visit.

We arrived at “Tunnel Kiln” which was built in the 60’s. It was well preserved. One of the ancient Kilns mass-produced ceramics in the past. It was a car pushing type of kiln consisting of preheating, firing and cooling zones. The red bricks on the wall could hold 1000 C fire heats. From the elderly memories, the workers’ white clothes worn at work would turn completely black after the work in the past.

Yingge Ceramics Museum is an eye-catching three-story steel framed glass building located on the other side of town. It’s about 15 minute walk from the Pottery Street. This museum was opened in 2000. I am very glad to finally see a museum like this to preserve all the valuable history, production, and use of ceramics of Taiwan’s. It also offers daily workshops for both adults and children and a DIY opportunity in the studio.

During the visit in November, 2009, the "Blue and White Ware Themed Competition" was exhibited on the first floor. Here are some contemporary delicate ceramic art from the exhibition.

We only had a half day visiting in Yingge town; however, if you plan to participate in the DIY activity either in the stores or in the museum, the whole day may be needed. Yingge ceramics history and art taste trip will definitely give a unique and special memory! Read More


Todd said...

Yingge is a fantastic place. We took my parents there when they visited Taiwan. They really enjoyed the ceramics museum.

fufu said...

wow the museum is awesome!!! i book the diy activity too... hahhaah wanna make one unique stuff for myself =p

micki and kristen said...

To Todd- Yingge brought up lots of my childhood memories. It looks totally different now. I really enjoyed my visit as well.

To Fufu- Yeap! I will plan for a longer visit next time to gain the hand-on experience in the museum too.

Anonymous said...

I love the contrast between the narrow tunnel and the museum - wow!

It's amazing how things so delicate and so artsy can be made from ceramic! The mugs are exquisite.

lechua said...

i'd like to try ceramic pottery making sometime! do share with us the next time u participate. the little boy looks talented! pottery making always reminds me of the movie 'Ghost' with Demi Moore.

dennis said...

wow looks like a lot of fun certainly on my list of to-visit-places

micki and kristen said...
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micki and kristen said...

To Zhu, Lechu, and Dennis- I was attracted and amazed by the delicacy, quality, and creativity of each piece. There was a piece which I thought was very creative- a bathtub-like soup bowl with a spoon in human shape..
I've always wanted to take the ceramics class in order to experience and to make my own product. The Yingge visit has motivated me to move forward to my goal~~ :)

Anonymous said...

When I was little, I loved playing with plasticine a lot!
I thought I would become a potter when I grew up.

I saw quite a few Delftware while I was in Holland last week.
But I'd to admit that Chinese version is still the best. ;-)

Lohan said...

fascinating stuff. thanks for sharing your experiences. i always enjoy your posts.

Rafael Lam said...

These ceramic artworks are really nice!
Is really attractive, specially have a DIY activity.
I have a friend really like ceramic,
here will be a paradise for him!

micki and kristen said...

@Londoncaller- Did you see the tulips at this time of the year in Netherlands?

@Lohan- I enjoy your abstract paintings as well. You are such a talented artist! Thanks! :)

@Rafael-Your friend will definitely enjoy visiting Yingge. He will have a blast!~~

Anonymous said...

No, unfortunately. I was two weeks earlier...
Spring was kinda late this year.
The weather was cloudy and wet when I was there.
Only started to turn warmer on my day of departure! Ha ha...

Anyway, I managed to take some tulip pictures at the flower market!

micki and kristen said...

@Londoncaller- Weather has been very un-predicable all over the world. I am sure Netherlands has a charming look in the rain as well~~:)

Kristy said...

Great post. I linked to your post about Yingge as I am talking about it on my blog vagabond kids. Thanks for the great reminder of one of my favorite places in taiwan!

micki and kristen said...

@Kristy- Thanks for linking this post. Indeed Yingge is a great place for the whole family!
Glad to see you guys had lots of fun in Yingge! :)

shloke said...

WOW! This ceramic town is really AWESOME! A harmonious blend of traditional ceramic artists and modern shops + museum. Those ceramic arts in the museum are beautiful and unique!

Picture 1 brings the good ol' memories back :) I made my very own mini potteries during my senior high art class using clay. Still have my masterpieces in my glass cabinet :)

Alex Loke

micki and kristen said...

@Alex- The mini potteries you made during your senior high must be gorgeous and unique! I bet they must give you lots of good memories too~~

Anonymous said...

How do we make a reservation? And which one is good? I've seen online, there are many ceramics shops and workshops. Going there next month. Please advice. (:

micki and kristen said...

Hi, Thanks for your message. There are many shops that offer DIY activities. They are all very good. I think you can pick the one you like when you get there. No reservation is needed. Wish you having lots of fun~

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