November 14, 2009

Strolling through Tamsui

A beautiful sea-side town in the Taipei County of northern Taiwan is named Tamsui (meaning fresh water in Chinese). In a gorgeous and blue sky day, we decided to visit this historical town. Right off the Tamsui metro lane station, turned left, a sign would direct you to the old historic street, Zhong Jeng Road.

Wandering on the old street, you would find all the traditional local snacks, such as Iron Eggs (Iron-hard preserved egg), Fish Crisp, Tamsui Fish Ball, and fried rice noodle…etc. Of course, my bag was full of goodies after strolling through the street. This street has attracted lots of tourists!

Right off Zhong Jeng Road, there is the 100 year old historical street- Chong Jian Road, the oldest street in Tamsui.

No tourist stores are on this street; however, a Taiwanese hand puppet exhibition house is at the corner of the street showing the cultural and historical story. Unfortunately, we were there during lunch time. The exhibition house was closed. It’s best to make an appointment first.

Walking further, then you would see the Mackay Mission Hospital in honor of Dr. George Leslie Mackay, who had a deep impact on Tamsui. He was the first Presbyterian missionary to northern Taiwan. He served with the Canadian Presbyterian Mission. He arrived in Taiwan on March, 9, 1872 in Tamsui, and devoted his life to missionary, medical, and education for the local residents of Taiwan.

In memory of Mackay’s 60 years in Taiwan, Tamsui church was built in 1932.

The west side of the church is Mackay’s rental place.

In 1882, Mackay built “Oxford College” with a donation $6,215 from Oxford County, Canada. Oxford College was the first in Taiwan to provide education to students with the western technology and knowledge.

With a few steps up the hill, you would see the Red Castle- This colonial style western building was once the mansion of a local rich man Mr. Lee, who built it in the late Ching Dynasty. The Red Castle historical building now is a restaurant and an art exhibition place.

Tamsui has beautiful scenery with mountains, villages, and riverside view. Lots of art shops and internet cafés are along the river offering gorgeous views.

Tamsui is also an eco- preservation park where we can see herons and other birds by the water. It is a place to relax and a nice town you really don’t want to miss while you are visiting Taipei.

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Tarraleah said...

Looks like your Taipei sojourn was more leisurely than mine.

micki and kristen said...

and hope you had a great trip in Taipei..

Anonymous said...

i just want to say that your blog is very informative for a tourist like me, visiting taiwan! please keep the blog going! =)-Lynn

micki and kristen said...

Hi, Lynn Thank you very much for your support and compliment! We will continue to do our best! Please let us know if you have any questions okay! :)

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