November 1, 2009

Wind Lion God Statues in Kinman


Due to the pro-long civil wars and non-stop wood cutting, the number of trees in the mountains has declined. Without protection from the trees, the north east wind and dust would blow to the village directly. Residents were suffering the damages caused by the dusty wind. In order to block the strong wind, the local residents built the Wind Lion God statue at the wind entrance as the protection god to block the dusty sand invasion. Villagers perform the worship ceremony and temple activities every year. Wind Lion God is a very special local faith and legend.


There are about 70 Wind Lion God statues in Kinman. They are in different heights and with facial expressions. Some looks fierce, some quite simple, innocent and cute. All of them were built with the belief to block the dusty wind, and also have become must- see local scenery in Kinman.


It was said that Wind Lion God loved to eat candy. Villagers often bring candies for during worshipping. When we were there, we did see a lollipop there.


The Wind Lion God statues were mostly made of granite. They have big round eyes, wide noses and big mouths. The big mouth would eat the wind to help the villagers to block the strong wind. Besides the facial expression, the height, weapons it carries and gender are all different for each statue. This one with a gourd bottle is a male Wind Lion. If you would like to have a boy, you can touch the gourd bottle to bring you luck!


The positions of the Wind Lion God statues include standing and squatting. Some of them are embedded in the wall. This Wind Lion embedded in the wall can block the wind and also prevent bad luck.


Wind Lion god is a locally unique faith in Kinman, you are not able to see this custom in other places in Taiwan. The tourists visiting Kinman would like to follow the map to look for each statue. Don’t worry if you can’t find them, the friendly villagers will be happy to guide you.

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