May 10, 2011

Dragon Fruit Seeding Experience

Dragon Fruit, also known as Pitaya or Huo Long Guo (火龍果) in Chinese, is one of the most popular summer fruits in Taiwan. It also grows in all the tropical countries worldwide. I fell in love with this fruit since it has a fresh smell, a sweet taste, and is very healthy as well. Do you know that Dragon Fruit actually belongs to the cactus family? I am a succulent and cactus lover, so I decided to search information online and experiment growing the seeds from a piece of Dragon Fruit I bought from the market.

Taking out the seeds from the fruit can be a time consuming process besides waiting for them to grow. I asked a friend of mine to be the model and took pictures of the whole process as follows. Hope you will find them interesting and grow a pot of them yourself too at home!

After a several months, it has become a lovely indoor plant as shown in Photo 23; however, this pot will not produce any fruit. In order for them to produce fruit, they need to be transplanted to an outdoor location and fertilized twice a year.

Here is my plant outdoor, waiting to grow and produce fruit!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this, I'd never thought it could easily grow like that. It's very pretty too. Putting that on my todo list =)

San said...

wow! 好厲害

Ross@Florida said...

it is very cool and I like the thorny seedlings

micki and kristen said...

@Anonymous- You are very welcome~ my pleasure!
Wish you have a great looking plant too! :)

謝謝San! 保鮮膜是幫助它保持濕氣,不要讓它濕氣流失太快!每天打開噴水一次。我也在保鮮膜上打了小洞所以有氧氣進去,不會將種子悶壞了!

@Ross@Florida- Thanks! Me too, I was so excited to see the tiny thorns popping out... having a cactus look now.. ;o)

Zhu said...

I love the plant! I wonder if I could grow it in Canada... indoors, that goes without saying :-)

I'm crap at growing plants. I bought some "window plant" seeds last year (mostly herbs like mint, coriander etc.) and they didn't grow despite my best care. Maybe it's too dry indoors...

I can't believe how tedious is the seeding process! Glad you took the pictures, it's indeed fascinating.

micki and Kristen said...

@Anonymous- You are very welcome, my pleasure! Wishing you will have a great looking plant too~~

@San-謝謝San! 保鮮膜是防止水氣流失。每二天打開噴灑一次水。我在保鮮膜上也打了小洞,所以種子能也吸到氧氣,不會被悶壞了!我的土是用專門配好給仙人掌生長的土。

@Ross@Florida- Thanks! Me too, I was so excited to see the tiny thorns popping out!
Kristen and I are so happy to see your message here~~ :) :)

@Zhu- I saw your message posting here; however, blogger was having some issue. The messages were posted before certain date got deleted by blogger...:( I lost your comment here... so sorry!
I read it, thanks goodness! You can grow this plant in Canada since I am growing this plant in Southern California. It's spring and almost summer time now, and a good time to grow plants~

Rafael Lam said...

This is very interesting! Make me wanna make some dragon fruit indoor plant, so cute and lovely!

micki and kristen said...

@ Rafael- Thanks! Plant a pot for your beautiful new home! It's very rewarding too~~

Jean said...

Very interesting. Initial process looked time-consuiming.

We're too cold where we are unless these fruit grow fast to beat snow coming down!

micki and kristen said...

@ Jean- Thanks! It did take a bit extra time to get the clean good seeds.
The seeds grow faster in the tropical weather, or you keep them indoor with sufficient moist, warm, and with window light in your area during winter~~

Anonymous said...

@Micki & Kristen, does it matter what soil I use? Living in India, I found it difficult to find cactus soil, so I used red soil mixed with sand. Also, I did not sprinkle the seeds on top, but planted them about 1 to 1 & half inch below the top layer. I live in the tropical climate zone. Do I discard this setup and start new, or wait and watch for a while. It's just the 4th day now. Thank you. Regards, guardian

micki and kristen said...

HI, Grardian If you can't find the cactus soil, you may need to use the regular potting soil and mix with pumice stones in a well-drained pot at least. I am not familiar with the red soil, so I looked it up online, and it tells me "They are usually poor growing soils, low in nutrients and humus and difficult to cultivate." I would sprinkle the seeds on top since they need some air. If there are no tiny white buds coming out after 2 weeks, I think you may need to redo the setup. Good luck and wish you having a beautiful pot soon~~

Pest control Portland said...

I love dragon fruits especially in salads:-) The process of separating the seeds can be tedious but it you nail it, you'll get a lot of produce. Thanks for sharing this!

micki and kristen said...

Thanks for your comment!

Eddel29 said...

thank you so much for sharing this blog, really interesting! ill try this at home as soon as i can. :)

micki and kristen said...

@ Eddel29- Glad you find this process interesting, soon you will have a beautiful plant~

colorado security systems said...

Seems like you already knows it all. Keep up on mastering.

Katherine Garone said...

This is so cool! Will have to try this when I start seeing Huo Long Guo again. Great blog! Also started one here in Kaohsiung as well if you feel like checking it out --

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andrea chiu said...

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daughter theresa *wink said...

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