April 20, 2011

Tatung Baby

Everyone may have a nostalgia item in his/her lifetime. Mine is the “Tatung Baby” from Taiwan. This cute little big head boy has accompanied me during my childhood years in Taiwan until I tossed it away and this has made me regret so much until now! I have been looking for a reproduced or a vintage Tatung Baby whenever I was in Taiwan. During last trip to Lugang, I finally found one and bought it with NT 600 ($20 US) for the year of 2004 Tatung Baby!

What is “Tatung Baby”? Tatung Baby was the first company promotion doll in Taiwan and made by the Tatung Company. The first baby was born in 1969 with the number “51” printed in the front, although the company was established in 1918 and already in business for 51 years at 1969. The number “51” Tatung Bay now is the vintage item, and costs at least NT 2500 ($86 US) online, and with higher price in the antique market. The first number ‘51” Tatung Baby’s eyes were made closed, unlike the current open-eye doll, so that this close-eye doll is very special and very hard to find. Imagine how much would this one be cost?

Tatung Baby used to be a free gift from the company whenever customers spent certain amount of money. Now, it costs a fortune to own those vintage babies!

This cute big head boy is actually a piggy bank. I remember the time when I was little and saving my daily allowance in it, and sneaking it out to open the bottom to take the money out too!

The baby is holding a football. Supposedly football was the most popular sport in Taiwan at that year before baseball became popular. The big head represents the well-thinking and hard working workers. The giant feet also represent the integrity of the company.

Tatung Company was famous for its rice cookers! For those Taiwanese students headed to studying aboard in the past, Tatung rice cooker was a necessary item to pack in their suitcases. Looking at the Tatung rice cooker in foreign countries made me homesick! Missed mother’s cooking!

If you live in Taiwan long enough, you must know the “Tatung Song”! This song has been sung since Tatung Baby was born. If you have not, let’s listen to it, and it is very easy to sing along!

Kristen came to visit me lately and brought me this special mini Tatung rice cooker and it plays Tatung Song! Please watch and listen to the lyrics from the video clip below.

Here is also the official website of Tatung Company that plays the Tatung Song as well. Click on the Red Button! Tatung Song

So sorry for not being able to post regularly. We have been very busy. We will do our best to keep it up!

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Rizalenio said...

A friend gifted me with something similar to this. It's in our province and just like you, I save my coins here. So glad to read story behind this toy/small coin bank. They're cute.

Zhu said...

How good! I've never seen it before although the rice cooker rings a bell. I may have seen it exported abroad.

We all need something from our childhood... I'm glad you were able to find another baby ;-) Plus you can use the piggy bank to save money toward your next trip! ;-)

San said...

好可愛呀! 這個中文叫"台東"Baby嗎?

micki and kristen said...

@Rizalenio-Thanks! Indeed knowing the history and meaning behind the Tatung Baby that makes it more valuable to me~~

@Zhu-You are right! I need more Tatung Baby piggy banks to save more money for the next trip! :):)

嗨San! 中文是"大同寶寶"。在澳門有大同產品嗎?好多小時候的東西現在都很難找到了,或要花好多錢把它買回來!所以...想想..那麼現在的舊東西就不要仍了,也許20年後價值就不同了吔.~~ :)

Rafael Lam said...

This "大同寶寶" is really very cute! I hope can get one too!
Actually I have too much toys at home already!

The Tame Lion said...

Absolutely fantastic!
A nice blog, I enjoyed the visit! ;)
Thanks(谢谢). :D

micki and kristen said...

Thanks! Rafael and The Tame Lion~

Jean said...

I'm just trying to think of an equivalent North American doll-like figurine from a company...other than Disney figures. :) There's something that's so Asian marketing oriented: the use of cute figurines as mementoes or branding touchstones.

micki and kristen said...

@ Jean- I think the Coca Cola or M&M promotional figurines from the North America are the collectable items. They are also the popular items for the collectors worldwide~

Unknown said...

Hi, I just bought one with 64 on its chest. This means it's from 1964?

Anonymous said...

No, it means it's the company's 64th anniversary. Founded in 1918 + 64 = 1982

Samandsasak said...

Hi, I have one with 64 on its chest also. But the colouring is different. The boys top is a brown colour, as is the strip across his hat where the money slot is. I've not seen this colouring on any that are shown on the internet. Can anyone help? Thanks

john smith said...

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tatung usa said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing

tatung usa said...

Curious, do you have all the years?

gem said...

I have the #55 one. I referenced your blog page on this video I made on Tatung rice cookers on YouTube

Paper Cuts said...

I have number 83. Do you have it already?

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