December 24, 2010

Pottery Making Fun。Spring Kiln, Sanyi

To start up this post, we would like to wish you happy holidays and thank you all for your continued support to Wandering Taiwan. We received another award as the co-winner of the peer-judged Best Travel Taiwan Blog Award through Taiwanderful 2010. We also would like to thank those of you who have recommended Wandering Taiwan. Your recommendations, comments, and readings of the posts have motivated us doing our best! Best holiday wishes to you all!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Put a piece of clay on a turntable by pressing or pushing it with hands gently. Whether it was a cup or a bowl, wide or narrow, tall or short, it was a handmade product and I like them all. On that day, I came here with a group of friends to Sanyi, Spring Kiln, to enjoy the fun of pottery making.


The clay wind charm looks very simple and lovely. Once I arrived here, I expected to see more.


The firewood kiln was converted from a gas kiln


In order to meet the expectation, the kiln owner spent 3years to convert a gas kiln to a firewood kiln. The potteries made from a firewood kiln require more times and consume a large amount of wood. In addition, uncontrollable variables make the products with high failure rates. However, the ash from the burned firewood can create chemical reaction with minerals in the clay and produce a natural ash glaze. The texture of the clay from the firewood kiln appeals to many pottery artists.


In the gift shop, we can see the products made from a firewood kiln (left) and gas kiln (right). With the natural ash glaze, the clay cup from the firewood kiln turns out thicker and sturdier.


The tea jar lid can also be used as a spoon, very creative!


It almost looks like a real snail.


After we saw the kiln and the products, the embryo drawing activity was next. The instructor demonstrated each process carefully. The clay suddenly became a cup, and suddenly turned into a bowl in instructor’s hands. It looks pretty simple and fast, and we could not wait to try it ourselves.


We all had different plans in mind. Someone wanted to make a tea cup, someone else wanted a bowl for the instant noodle, and I wanted to make a pot for the water plant. We all serious in “making” and wanted to make product based on what we had planned in mind.


“To set a center” was the hardest part, but to make it in shape was not as hard as I thought. I enjoyed watching the clay changing its shape by pressing it gently with my hands. I felt very peaceful at that time.


Here are all the products! Let’s guess which one was made by me? (Kristen)


After they were made, we picked the colors we liked (brown, yellow, blue, purple and green…so on) and sent them to the kiln. They would be shipped to our homes after several days. I was looking forward to seeing mine and wondering what it would actually look like!


All kinds of flower vases can also be seen in the Spring Kiln Park. Enjoying the small scenery of the pot and plants was another treat from this trip!

Spring Kiln Leisure Park website Read More


San said...



kristen and micki said...

Thanks San! Merry X'mas and a great New Year 2011 to you!~~

London Caller said...

Congratulations! You did it again!
What should you treat us this time? Ha ha... ;)

Hello! I’m back again.
I hope you had a great Christmas.
Mine was fantastic.
I went to the Cotswolds.

Those wind chimes are so special.
They look like rusty steel despite of clay.
Kinda nostalgic.

The snail is so authentic. :)
Too bad it's not an escargot. ;p

So which is your bowl?
The one in the middle at the front?

London Caller said...

Happy New Year!
May your 2011 be another happy and prosperous year.

Best wishes from London.

kristen and micki said...

@Londoncaller- Thanks! Come over, and we will take you out! I saw Cotswolds photos online and I like the stone cottages!
Ha, your guessing is very close. Mine is the right one at the front~~
Happy 2011 to you too! :)

lechua said...

Congratulations on your award! definitely deserving with your high quality and comprehensive travel write-ups and photos of places not commonly featured on blogs

kristen and micki said...

Lechua, thank you so much for your compliment~~

shloke said...

Congrats on your second win. Your blog is simply inspiring and attractive! LOVE your pictures and in-depth writings. The best blog I've ever seen. Simple yet resourceful. Keep it up!

It's pretty impressive to know that the kiln owner was willing to spent 3 long years to convert entirely to firewood kiln. AWESOME!

kristen and micki said...

@Shloke- Thanks again for your compliment! We really appreciated your support! I look forward to reading your excellent and inspiring posts as well~~

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