August 24, 2010

Steel Pipe Black Tea。Hualien


A few rare Steel Pipe Black Tea shops still exist in Hualien. Black Tea is not only coming down from the ceiling, but also is cold without adding ice cubes. Once I entered the shop, I can see many steel pipes vertically hanging from the ceiling.


The cooked black tea and other beverages are made and stored on the second floor. To save time from going up and down stairs, the drinks are coming down through the pipes. Once the faucet is turned on, black tea is out and ready for the customers.


There are 2 layers of the pipe which includes the internal layer for the beverage deliver tube and external layer for the ice water tube. Through the circling the cold water, the black tea in the internal tube stays cold. Without adding any ice, we can still drink cold black tea. We don’t have to worry about if the flavor of the black tea would be diluted by adding the ice in it.


Beside the black tea, the shop also offers almond tea, grass jelly tea, sour plum juice, peanut cold soup, almond cold soup, bakeries, and old time flavor western desserts.


Lot of almond tea now is made with the almond powder. However, the almond tea in the Steel Pipe Black Tea shop is made by peeling off almonds, grinding them to powder, and cooking them until they are ready. The owner prepares all these process himself. The almond tea is indeed excellent!


This western dessert has a thin crispy outside and soft inside. The flavor is very similar to that of the Macaron. It was a very popular western dessert in the early years of Taiwan.


With the clear glass, the black tea looks very old fashion. To me, the taste of the black tea is not important; the wisdom of keeping the traditional cold beverages is most precious! Read More


Rafael Lam said...

Really want to try this traditional Black Tea!
This Black Tea shop is quite special,
gave me the feeling of 60-70, your pictures were great!
I've tried those biscuits before,
but only a packed from supermarket,
it was very nice!

Re: Thanks micki! The fish Spa was funny,
very itchy and those fishes were tickling
my feet and made me laugh, haha!

dennis said...

oh wow totally awesome! i wish i could go there and try it out~

kristen and micki said...

Thanks! Rafael and Dennis. The steel pipe beverages are very unique. A great business investment~~

lechua said...

how authentic! the shop, glasses and the pipes. wondering if the pipes ever need to be cleaned.

shloke said...

Steel Pipe Black Tea? That's another first for me. The steel pipes remind me of Chinese pawn shop. Wakakaka!

Your descriptions about the making of Steel Pipe Black Tea are VERY ATTRACTIVE! I wanna TASTE it too. Any prepacked black tea powder?

London Caller said...

This is so interesting!
Guess they must have some huge cisterns upstairs?!
I normally have my tea with milk without sugar.
But I take sugar if I'm having it without milk, plus few drops of lemon juice.
Ha ha... Such a fussy customer!

Zhu said...

This is so cool! I had no idea it existed. The art of tea with a "mechanical" twist! The first picture is great to illustrate the article.

I love macarons, they are my favorite. The dessert you are having indeed looks like it.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I drink tea but I've never seen something like this - very ingenious way of serving cold tea. Is the beverage served sweet by the way?

kristen and micki said...

@Lechua- That is a great question! I am curious about how and how often the steel pipes are cleaned. I will find out the answer when I visit Hualien next time.

@Shloke-It’s neat that the shop would remind you the Chinese Pawn Shop! They don’t have pre-packed black tea powder in the shop..

@London-如果我是喝熱紅茶,那我牛奶及糖都不會加,如果喝冰紅茶,大概會加一點點的糖吧! Um….檸檬紅茶,我也挺喜歡的!

@Zhu- I was thinking that the dessert perhaps was Macaron! They tasted almost the same!

@The Nomadic Pinoy- Yes, the sweet has been added when the black tea was cooked!

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