August 24, 2010

Biking in Jingliao


Biking in the early morning under the sprinkle of the sun and with birds singing and flower fragrance on the country road is quite pleasant. We borrowed the bikes from the family lodging and enjoyed this morning on the country site.


We started from the courtyard. Vibrant colors with green, purple, red and yellow came into our eyes. We were astonished by these vivid colors on this side of red brick wall.


Lots of Noni fruits are growing on the other side of the brick wall. We asked an elderly on the road and found out that they are not the wild Noni, but were planted. It is said that Noni fruit has detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive and anti-tumor effects. Noni fruits are getting popular in Taiwan now.


After the photos were taken, we were ready to take off. Mr. Huang (the father of the family lodging owner) came and reminded us not to miss the beautiful morning of Jingliao by bike. They were so warm!


Most of the houses in Jingliao are red brick houses. Jingliao is filled with green trees and flowers. Riding within the village with the nice breeze is such an enjoyment.


We were riding around and found surprises on every corner of the red brick houses, walls, and alleys.


Here is “Jiazhi Mamma’s workshop” in the courtyard. It offers the Lin Grass waving technique to the women in the community. We were just passing by and did not visit inside.


“Huang Old House” integrated the Chinese and western architecture. The imitation of the Renaissance style design is showing in the front and Taiwanese design in the back. It was built in 1928. It is the only remaining western house in Houbi Township left during the Japanese Colonial Era. It is not opened to the visitors yet. I could only peek through the wall.

這座矗立在稻田中央的「菁寮天主教聖十字架教堂」,是於1986年贏得普立茲建築獎得主-Gottfried Boehm的作品。很難相信,在這樣的鄉間竟然藏著大師級的作品!

“Jingliao Catholic Church” is located in the middle of the rice field. It was built by Gottfried Boehm who won the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1986. It’s hard to believe that an art work from a great architecture is hidden here.


After the church, we went to Jingliao Elementary School across the street. The Japanese style old office hall and wooden auditorium can still be seen. This blue old office building was built in 1956; it became the library of the school.


Zhongzheng Hall- built in 1951.


Jingliao is such a nice place to experience the rural life. It helped to release the city stress, gain the leisure farm experience, and make the farm journey enjoyable! Read More


Zhu said...

I'm in love with the third picture (the one at the right, with the out-of-focus bike).

These small alleys are lovely! Peaceful and away from the traffic.

London Caller said...

Noni fruit?! Hmm... Looks yummy!
I don't think I have tried it before.
It looks a bit like pine cone?!

Jingliao Catholic Church looks like a pyramid in that town!!

kristen and micki said...

@Zhu- I really like that picture too. I stayed there for a long time watching the simple red bricks wall, flowers, and the old style bike...

@Londoncaller- Noni Fruit is growing in Tahiti as well. Tahiti Noni drink has become a very popular health drink, but I have not tasted it, and I sure give a try!


Rafael Lam said...

Very beautiful old town! So nice to biking there!
I also like those beautiful flowers around there!

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

If I could bike everywhere I go, I'd do it - it's healthy for us and healthy for the environment.

kristen and micki said...

Thanks Rafael and The Nomadic Pinoy- Indeed biking could be the best way to see the whole world~~

shloke said...

I've not had a bike for years! My last biking trip was one year ago at Malaysia Agriculture Park. It was TIRING - with too many steep and uphill slopes. Almost impossible to maintain control!

I would LOVE to try cycling on a country road. It’s an ideal way to explore the countryside, up close and at your own pace + stopping off to see the sights along the way. Simply relaxing :)

kristen and micki said...

@Shloke- Your experience reminds me my cycling experience around Taiwan Island. I did not have training or preparation before I started the road. Although I was exhausted, that was the best way for me to see the entire island of Taiwan. Such an unforgettable experience!

Jean said...

I enjoyed reading some of your posts. It must be hilly in certain parts of Tawain. Lots of stuff and people packed into 1 tiny island.

Are you going to another country after Tawain or settling down to work/'normal life'?

kristen and micki said...

@Jean- Kristen lives in Taiwan, and I live in California. I visit Taiwan yearly and travel with Kristen beyond our work schedule. We have this blog dedicated to Taiwan. There are so many unique heritage and culture to share in Taiwan. Glad to know you enjoy the reading~~ :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog with a lot of great information! My wife and I have lived in Taichung for one year and are really enjoying it. We love Taiwan!

kristen and micki said...

@lancegallivants- So glad to know you love Taiwan and enjoyed your staying in Taichung. Hope you will be able to come and stay in Taiwan again!

Ruby said...

This little town looks beautiful, perfect for a weekend getaway. I want to plan a trip at the end of the month, but I checked the website for the lodging and it's all in Chinese. Which is the closest airport to this town and how to get there from the airport?

kristen and micki said...

Hi, Ruby
From Taoyuan Airport, you can take the free shutter bus for the Taiwan High Speed Rail to Taoyuan Station. Take the High Speed Rail, get off at Chiayi Station and take a taxi to Jingliao Old Street (about 15 minutes driving distance)

Another option is to take the train and get off at Houbi Station. Take a taxi to Jingliao Old Street. (about 10 minutes driving distance)

There is only one Family Lodging in Jingliao. It is “Holland Well Yongquaan Family Lodging” (荷蘭井湧泉民宿). The owner of the lodging is also the guide for the community.

Name: Mr. Huang

Wish you have a great time there~~

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