July 10, 2010

Penghu。Erkan Clan

位於兩個高地中間凹處的二崁聚落,是澎湖保存最完整的古厝群,也是國內第一個傳統聚落保存區。小小的聚落保存了二十幾棟的閩南式傳統古厝,這裡的房子都是當地居民就地取材,用硓(石古)石蓋成的,別有一番風味。 註:硓(石古)石就是珊瑚礁石

Located in the hollow place between two uplands, Erkan Clan is the most well preserved ancient houses, and also the first traditional settlement preservation in Taiwan. More than twenty Minnan traditional ancient houses have been preserved in this small clan. These houses were built with the local Lao (Shigu) Rock which is coral. They are very special.


Erkan is for “Chen” surname. The houses are well organized. I don’t know why these ancient houses look very “cute” to me. I think that perhaps the fact they are very short made me feel this way!


These preserved ancient houses have been converted to a local museum group which consists of the “Museum of the traditional life”, “Tradition Museum”, “Museum of children’s folk games”, “Museum of Erkan Praise Songs” and “Museum of Herbal Medicine”…etc.


“I am sunbathing, please do not touch me!” this is written on the pottery. What is this for? It has grass fragrance, was the mosquito repellent which was used locally.



“Erkan Incense” is made with Gaillardia pulchella, Blumea aromatica and Hibiscus leaves. After they were dried, they were ground to powder and kneaded by hand into incense sticks. They are used as the mosquitoes repellent and have additional functions as dispelling the evil and calming the nerves. We can still see the production process in the “Museum of Erkan Praise Songs”.

PS: The immigrants who moved from Jinmen to Erkan about a decade ago were all in Chinese medicine business; therefore, lots of daily supplies and food habits can still be seen.


What is “Praise Songs”? It is how local people describe their living with creative songs. We can buy the Praise Song Candy, Praise Song booklet, Praise Song fan, and Praise Song postcard in the” Museum of Praise Songs”.


I really like these coral walls.


Stone mortar, Stone Chair, Stone well.


Walking in the village, I encountered this very cute traditional grocery store. In the past, there were no supermarkets in Taiwan; grocery stores were the only places to shop. This store does not have too many supplies. An elderly lady was sitting inside and recommending her specialty items on the table-“Glutinous Rice with Peanuts and Glutinous Rice with Pumpkin”.


Glutinous Rice with peanuts (photo above) is made with flour, sticky rice powder, sweet potato, and stuffed with the special local peanuts. It smells and tastes so good. It is the traditional worshipping items and also a special local delicacy.


It stuffed with bamboo shoots, pork sauces (photo below), Glutinous Rice with Pumpkin has 4 different flavors. The yellow is the pumpkin, red the huaishan, purple the purple sweet potato, and green the seaweeds. These colors are so vivid. Don’t worry. They are all natural food coloring!


A lot of things can be introduced in Erkan clan. However, it was a short trip so I did not spend more time locally. I will definitely tell you more stories about Penghu’s when I visit here next time. Read More


Rafael Lam said...

Very beautiful village, recall me some scenery of Pompei, because some houses and road have simliar structure!
Of course here is more fresh and well preserved, I'm interested to visit this village too!

1ondoncalling said...

Buildings made of Lao stones are so distinctively local.
People there also use corals from the sea to build their walls?!
That's so bad for the marine ecosystem since corals take years to grow.

Are those Praise Song postcards made from wood?
They look Japanese Ema (絵馬) to me.

The snacks are so colourful! I would like to try all the flavours!

lechua said...

great insight to the Erkan Incense, praise songs... & the glutinuous rice pumpkin looks very unique!

Todd said...

Looks like a fabulous place!

shloke said...

I desperately need “Erkan Incense” NOW! There are so many mosquitoes in my house. AAAH!!! Did you noitce? The incense looks like machine gun bullet. You can load them into a .50 caliber M2 machine gun and zapped them away. LOL!

My first time seeing coral walls. I also LIKE IT! I wanted to comment about the colors of those glutinous rice...glad to know it's natural :) The colors are so BRIGHT! Perhaps you can ask auntie to make rainbow glutinous rice :)

1ondoncalling said...

Re: Postcards from Scotland / 来自苏格兰的明信片 / Poskad dari Scotland / スコットランドの絵葉書

Ha ha... Pictures in pictures.
Partly cheating; partly my creativity?

kristen and micki said...


@Londoncaller-They used the dead corals for the walls. These ancient houses were built long time ago when the island was filled with corals. Residents used whatever was available in the environment to build the houses on the island at that time. Now, it is illegal to do that with corals~~
Yes, those are the wooden postcards. They are very popular in Taiwan. Indeed it does look like 繪馬! :)

@Lechua- That was my first time seeing these items as well. They look very unique to me too!

@Todd-Yeap! It is a great place to discover lots of unique heritage!

@Shloke- Haha! They do look like machine gun bullets! Rainbow glutinous rice- ha! I think it would be difficult to find the “Blue” color… Mm.. I can’t think of anything that can produce blue natural food coloring. Oh! Maybe the “Blueberries”! :) :)

fufu said...

I am sunbathing, please do not touch me! LOL well the glutinous rice with peanuts look nice ya!

Zhu said...

You are right, the houses are very cute! I love the pottery too, looks like it's a child hand-writing (or me when I was learning Chinese :-))

Glutinous rice with peanuts or sesame is quite a delicacy, I love them! The ones with coconut too.

kristen and micki said...

@fufu and Zhu- The glutinous rice with peanuts not only look good, but also taste good! :):)

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