June 12, 2010

Penghu Island Fireworks Festival


Located in the south-west Taiwan, Penghu islands are composed of more than 90 small islands. This area is a paradise to enjoy sun, beach, and sun bathing. The most famous activity on the island is the Fireworks Festival. This year was the 8th annual event, but my first time to participate. Although the weather was not too good, just being part of it could make me very exciting.


The Fireworks conducted on the Xiyinghong Bridge, Magong Guanyin Pavilion. It started at 8:30 at night; however, people started to move into the Guanyin Pavilion square around 7:00 pm. I saw lots of people sitting by the embankment.


Finally, the exciting moment came after an hour wait. When the first firework went up, people could not stop screaming and shooting with their cameras. Although I did not have the tripod and the handheld shooting images might not turn out good, I still could not stop shooting.


The fireworks lasted for 15 minutes. After 2/3 of the show, it started to drizzle and rain. I had to put away my camera; however, the show was just too pretty for me not to take more photos, therefore, I went back to shoot more. After the whole show finished, I started to run!


Come to Penghu, the beach is a must-visit place. Jibei Island is the most famous and crowded area. I did not go there this time, but stayed in the south shore of Magong Island (Main Island) - Shanshui Beach.


Sahanshui Beach was a private own scenic spot. Because the “Surf Club” opened near the beach, more visitors have come here to surf. “Surf Club” has the surf board rental services, and also provides surfing lessons. Sahanshui Beach has become a surfers’ gathering place.


Greg is an Australian British. He was a magazine professional photographer and a surfing reporter. Because of the fate and surfing passion, he got to know Aquan and opened the “Surf Club” business together.


Of course we had to learn how to surf since we were here. Friends all changed, selected their boards, and started the surfing lesson.


Before entering the water, trainer demonstrated the correct positions.


Then, it was a one-on- one surfing lesson.


Of course the beginners would definitely fall into the water!


Don’t miss the seafood in Penghu. I was eating lots of fresh seafood while I was there. They were all yummy. Beside the seafood, baby fresh sweet Penghu squash is a must- eat dish too!


“Squash Fried Rice Noodle” is the specialty dish in the seafood restaurant. The sweet squash, rice noodles, stir fry with dry small shrimp or octopus; they were just too good to pass the second.


More interesting places and things of Penghu would be shared with you all later on.~ Read More


Rafael Lam said...

Very beautiful fireworks!
Make me wanna visit Penghu!
The fresh seafoods are also very attractive!

kaifu said...

Great photos and thanks for the write up! When was this taking place? Would love to catch this in the future (next year?)

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

These southern islands in Taiwan must be close enough to the Philippines' most northern Batanes islands. Neighbors, hello!

Zhu said...

The pictures are just amazing, I don't even know where to start!

Okay, the fireworks pictures first. Wow. Especially without a tripod! I can't see a larger version but they seem pretty steady. You should have seen my first attempt at fireworks photography without a tripod... it was real nice abstract art :-D And the reflection in the water is gorgeous too, it really adds to the shots.

The surfing pictures are great too. Were you very close or did you have a good zoom? Yes, I'm trying to learn from you :-D

I used to surf when I was a teen and apparently, unlike biking, you do forgot how to surf. I attempted it again in 2009 in Costa Rica and failed miserably :-D

And finally the yummy food pictures...

Now, a political question for you - isn't Penhu status contested? I remember something about that, but it's pretty vague in my head.

Anonymous said...


英國籍的澳州人好像是British Australian?


lechua said...

first of all... great fireworks photos! & u took them by hand!! ooh so u learned how to surf? looks fun...but tough. i thought of trying it out in bali - that's the only place i've been where i saw it being taught.

kristen and micki said...

@Rafael:Penghu is such a great place! There are some other pretty islands, such as Qimei, Wangan. However, I have not had a chance to go there yet!

@kaifu: Thank you too! The fireworks festival is held in May, and it has been extended to July and August since it is so popular. During these months, the fireworks are on every Saturday and Sunday~~

@Nomadic Pinoy :I think Xiaoliuqiu Kending is closer to Batanes Islands. I was planning to go to Batanes Islands last year while I was travelling in Philippines, due to the flights and other reasons, I could not make it to that island. I think Batanes Islands must be an island fulfill with culture and fun.

@Zhu: Thanks Zhu! :) I had my abstract firework photos too :) :)
These images look fine on the screen. They look a bit blurry if I enlarge them. Using tripod is still the best way to have the sharpest photos. I did not bring my zoom lens, so I re-sized them in PSD to have a closer look. The surfers were far from me though.
Penghu is part of Taiwan, so do Kinmen and Lienchiang County. No status contested on these islands. Is this what you were asking for?

@1ondoncalling: 我們是稱為"煙火",我也很喜歡水中倒影,的確也很美。
I think it should be Australian British instead of British Australian. I have changed “English” to “British”. Thanks! :)

@Lechua: Thanks!Ha! I was not in the water and I was taking photos only. I wish I could have the courage to learn surfing too!

shloke said...

I've only seen fireworks on TV. LOL! This annual Penghu Fireworks Festival is definitely a MUST-SEE event! You really captured some beautiful shots despite not having your tripod. Picture 2 is my favorite!!!

The wooden platform reminds me of Hollywood movies. You know that shiny wet look :) It makes the road surface slightly more prettier, specular and reflective.

All this seafood is making me HUNGRY!


Anonymous said...

Australian British和British Australian還是有點不一樣哦...
这有点像Malaysian Chinese和Chinese Malaysian。

Australian British是指原籍澳洲,現在英國籍。好像,從澳洲移民到英國的澳洲人,然後入籍英國籍。Greg的情況剛剛好相反?

也就是這樣,我們聽到Taiwanese American的機率比聽到American Taiwanese的高,畢竟想成為美國人的台灣人要比想成為台灣人的美國人高許多?!

kristen and micki said...

@Mylo- Thanks! You have to go see the live fireworks show perhaps on the Malaysia Independence Day! :)

@Londoncaller- 呵呵! You are making me confused now..:) Take a look at this link that shows 美籍華人(華裔美國人)= Chinese American

Greg is英國籍的澳州人, so he is 英籍澳州人(澳裔英國人)= Australian British..

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