September 13, 2009

Pounding Mochi in Taiwan


Mochi is made by glutinous rice (sticky rice) or millet. It is a special and traditional dessert for Hakka, Amoy, and Taiwan’s aborigines. Due to regional and cultural differences, the methods in the making and taste of Mochi are also different. Among all kinds, the Mochi from the Amie tribe in Wua-lien has been the most popular one. It has a variety of stuffing, such as red bean, green bean, sesame, and taro paste. The tourists come to Wua-lien like to buy Mochi as the gifts to take home. In addition to the Amie tribe in Wua-lien, many other tribes in Taiwan have the Mochi culture. When you visit tribes in Taiwan, besides buying Mochi, try to experience pounding Mochi to learn the making of this popular dessert.


The traditional Mochi has no stuffing and it is eaten by dipping in the peanut powder or sugar. It is not difficult to make Mochi. The first thing is to steam the glutinous rice and then prepare the peanut powder dipping.


After the rice is cooked, place the rice in a wooden mortar while it is still hot. Use a foot to hold against the mortar so that it is stable. Pound Mochi with a wooden mallet.


Pounding Mochi requires heavy labor, because Mochi is very sticky and will become stickier after it is pounded. It will even then need more strength to pound with the mallet. It requires two persons to coordinate the pounding. We got tried very fast.


It looks like this when you are pounding Mochi: Lift up the mallet high and pound hard. You have to pound when the rice is still hot, or it won’t let you pound at all when it gets cold.


What a tough Amie warrior! Only a few minutes, the glutinous rice has become a smooth Mochi!


After it was pounded, we broke the Mochi into smaller pieces. Now we can enjoy the Mochi by dipping it in the peanut sugar powder. The harder the pounding, the better the taste of the Mochi. With the Amie warrior’s help, we were able to get the best texture of the Mochi and enjoyed our dessert.


While you visit the tribes in Taiwan, don’t just pick up Mochi from the store, try the experience of making the Mochi yourself to make it a worthwhile trip! Read More


dennis said...

cool ^^

Trixi said...

Oooo I sure want to do this too!! How do you get in touch with them??

lechua said...

awesome post!!! i've never seen how it's actually made... do they welcome visitors to try out?

kristen and micki said...

@Trixi- The phone number for this place (Shin Lin Farm) is 03-8701861, 0931-265-898. Here is the website: ( There is another popular place in town also offering the same activity. ( You can check both them out! Do you read Chinese?

@Lechua- Making mochi is very fun! Yes, but the reservation is needed for the activity.

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