November 26, 2011

Lao Wu Bed and Breakfast

Traveling in Taiwan, the most convenience lodging and easiest way to get close to local resident are to stay in the Bed and Breakfast (民宿). The B&B in Taiwan has become a unique experience since each B&B has set its own characteristic reflecting the background and culture of its owner and the local community. After staying in the B&B in Taiwan, you will not only make friends with the owner, explore the local activities, be refreshed and enjoy the environment, but also take home with a unforgettable memory.

Four of us came to Nantou Shuili Township (南投縣水里鄉) and checked in the Lao Wu B&B (老五民宿). I was very curious about the name of the lodging- Lao Wu which means Old Five in Chinese. It is a funny way to name the lodging. I found out that the owner is the 5th son of his family, which became the name of the place. Lao Wu B&B is one of the well-known B&B’s in Taiwan. It is not known to be luxurious, but it is known to be simple, quiet, organic, and with a no TV living style.

The owner grew up in Shuili Township with mountains, valleys, and stream creeks, He built the LaoWu B&B to reflects his childhood living experience and provide a slow path for those who want to get away from busy cities.

Once we received our keys and got into the rooms, my dream to stay in a mountain cabin came true! I can reach out to the forest. No TV would keep your eyes on enjoying the natural environment. The sound of the frogs constantly blended with the surrounding make you want to go out to say hi to them!

All wood furniture was carefully chopped, designed, and built by the owner. With the 2 story building and a large land, there are only 6 guest rooms. The owner said that a good quality of staying is the goal, not the quantity. Due to the limited rooms, early reservation is definitely needed.

Lodging at Lao Wu includes organic meals, night ecologic tour, and morning organic farm experience. We did not attend the morning farm activity, since we needed to head to the next destination.

“It’s time for dinner”, said the owner! We were so starved with all these delicious dishes, however, we still needed to take photos before we actually started~ All dishes were made with organic materials grown by the owner. Brown rice, cranberry juice, veggie, and smoke pork stripe… etc. The owner saw all dishes were gone fast so she stir-fried an extra dish for us. We were touched by her thoughtfulness.

The most notable item is their healthy steamed buns. They were steamed by the firewood and made with natural ingredients through a sunlight yeasting process. The tasted excellent with fresh flavors.

Recycle trash bins.

After the supper, we joined the owner to the night observation activity to watch frogs and fireflies. We chatted with the owner with tea until we could not help ourselves to fall in sleep~

The next morning, we woke up by the sound of birds which meant to tell us to discover the beauty of nature rather than staying in bed. What a peaceful mountain view when the sky changed the color from the morning white to blue. I spent a good hour in the yard to observe the beautiful birds. If we had not planned another destination after this, we would have not left here……

Lao Wu Bed & Breakfast (老五民宿)

TEL: (049)2821005

Address: No.101-7, Ancun Ln., Shuili Township, Nantou County Read More


Anonymous said...

The location is spectacular!

I tend to favour B&B in small towns in Canada and the US because it's a unique way to travel and learn about the place.

Unknown said...


micki and kristen said...

Thanks! Zhu. Yes, and the B&B in Europe offers unique experiences too~~


Robert said...

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Chinese Wanderer said...

I love the way the rooms are decorated, all that wooden furniture and paneling creates a very cozy atmosphere. And those dishes look mouth-watering! If I ever visit Taiwan, I'll make sure to stay here.

micki and kristen said...

Thanks! Chinese Wanderer~ :)

mayazoe said...

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Unknown said...

We often go to bed and breakfast because it more cheap than hotels.

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