October 14, 2010

Paper Dome。Puli

在南投埔里的桃米社區,有一個用紙做成的教堂。這座紙教堂是日本阪神大地震後興建的,作為撫慰災民心靈的信仰中心,九二一大地震後,它從日本移至埔里, 沿續它震災後重生使命。

A dome made of paper is located in the Tao-Mi community in Nantou, Puli. This dome was built after the Great Hanshin Earthquake in Japan which was the religious center of the survivors. After the “921 Earthquake” in Taiwan, this dome was moved to Puli to continue its mission.


This oval shape dome was built with 58 hard paper tubes. Using paper as the building material has low cost and can be moved and constructed easily. The material is also easy to find. It is very suitable for a temporary disaster shelter.


The seats inside the dome are also made with paper tubes. However, not everything is made of paper. There are also good translucent fiber glass windows around the dome.

Photo by Kevin

Photo by Kevin


The dome looks simply beautiful and elegant during the day time. After the dusk, reflection of the water and lighting in the dome create a charming atmosphere.


A semi-open space formed by a steel frame next to the dome has shops, restaurants and leisure areas. Designers used curve shape to present the softness of the hard steels. In contrast with the hard steels, paper dome presents the softness.


Here is a super large size bowl. The center of the bowl is the epicenter of the “921 Earthquake”. Through the bowl, we would understand the epicenter locations around Puli area.


This wooden house next to the lotus pond was built in 2010 providing food and shopping services. Surrounded by the greens and flowers, Paper Dome is a great place for a half day tour.

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shloke said...

Interesting architecture! During daytime, the paper dome looks like a small circus tent surrounded with metal frames.

The hard paper tubes in Picture 2 remind me of extra large cardboard toilet roll. lol :)

London Caller said...

This Paper Dome is absolutely amazing!
We have similar pavilion here in London but it's only available in the summer. And they change it every year. It's bit like the Expo in Shanghai, I guess.

Have a look http://www.serpentinegallery.org/2010/03/serpentine_gallery_pavilion_20_14.html

I was there this summer. ;)

kristen and micki said...

@London Caller- I have seen Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in the magazine here. It looks so interesting. If I were in London, I would for sure have visited there too. I wonder if you would feel hot in the café under the bright red pavilion especially in July, and how your eyes felt inside the café too?

@shloke -Ha! The photo 2 also reminds me the extra large size plastic food wrap tubes!

Rafael Lam said...

Thanks for introduce this paper made dome, I don't know this before, it's beautiful!
That big bowl is very interesting too!

London Caller said...

Cool! It's even featured in Taiwanese magazine!
Inside it was really, really red!
Red Like communist China!
Strange enough, my eyes felt quite calm in there.
But it's such a huge contrast between the red pavilion and its green surroundings.

kristen and micki said...

@Rafael- Thanks! Glad to know that you find this place interesting! :)

@Londoncaller- Ha! I thought a pair of sunglasses was needed under the strong red color. Indeed that was a great contrast and it would become a great photo too~~

fufu said...

awesome architecture!!!! will the dome still be there in puli until 2012 when i am visiting taiwan? really wanna visit this paper dome :)

Zhu said...

What a great idea, building with paper! It makes the structure looks elegant and light, yet surprisingly strong. The night pictures are amazing... architecture is definitely an art!

kristen and micki said...

@Fufu-I am sure it will still be there when you come! Good to hear that you are planning to come in 2012 :)

@Zhu-Indeed Paper Dome is very impressive. I have my hat off to those creative architects too!

lechua said...

wow...looks artistic too! but how strong is it i wonder... in harsh weather conditions?

kristen and micki said...

@lechua-Based on the info online, these high density cardboard tubes are 100% waterproof and fire resistant. The dome is also protected by another building around it so that the chance to be affected by the harsh weather is low.

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