March 28, 2010

Ping Si Station。Ping Si Branch


Ping Si station is located in the most booming area of the Ping Si town where the major development centers and administrative buildings are located.


Undulating terrain is one of the main features. The station was built on the hills. To go to the train station, we had to walk up the hill from the old street, or climb up on the stone steps.


The train not only is elevated but also passes over above houses and streets generating rumbling noise above the head. This unique experience has become the most popular topic for the tourists.


Next to the station, an iron bridge crosses over San Ken Creek. On the bridge, you could oversee the Keelung River and the charming mountain villages below. During the weekends, tourists walk on the tracks when there are no trains passing by.


Ping Si Old Street is composed of Zhoug Hua Street, Gong Yuan Street, and Ping Si Street. The houses were built on the slope. The two stories houses are the stores and residence. The stores offer souvenirs and locally flavored snacks. There are also traditional rice stores, pastry shops, and daily use grocery stores…etc.


Standing on the Ping Si Bridge of the Old Street, you can see the San ken Creek Iron Bridge is above you. Under the thick solid pier is the Keelung River. People usually stop here listening to the sound of the water and waiting to see the train.

平溪橋, Ping Si Bridge.


There is an old mailbox in the Old Street. It has been used since the Japanese Colonial Era. This vertical standing design mailbox has been replaced because of the space concerns. However, this old mailbox in Ping Si has been preserved because of the low usage demand. This is the oldest mailbox in Taiwan and is still being used now. It has a good memorable value.


The houses in the Old Street were originally built with Pine Wood shipped from Japan and the street paved with stone slabs. Now the old houses have been rebuilt with concrete and the streets repaved with granite, becoming the tourists’ trails. During the weekday with fewer tourists, I can still feel and see the ancient and casual atmosphere of the traditional leisure lifestyle.


A park is located half way to the mountain near Old Street. Beside a Guanyin temple in the park, there is also a Bomb Shelter in the Japanese Colonial Era, Ba Xian Tunnel, and a Siren Pavilion in the park. Here is the best location to overlook the mountain villages.


Ba Xian Tunnel was built for the tourism purpose about 20-30 years ago. Inside the tunnel has roomy space. All small tunnels are also connected. Stone chairs and tables are also provided for the tourists. The tunnels feel warm during the winter and cool in the summer.


The other side of the temple has several stone holes on the hillside. It is the Bomb Shelter left from the Japanese Colonial Era. Because of the rich coal resources, Ping Si Town suffered the bombing during War World II. This shelter was dug to protect the residents there. It was made with five holes. Although the shelter is not tall enough for human’s height, it can accommodate at least 100 people. After the war, it has become a tourist attraction.


Beside the Bomb Shelter, the Japanese has also built a “Siren Pavilion” on the slope above the temple to monitor the US aircraft. Following the trail with less than a minute, a square look cement platform is there. A large bell is inside the platform which was the siren bell in the past. It was also named as “Peace Bell”.


“Guanyin Temple”, “Bomb Shelter”,” Ba Xian Tunnel” and “ Siren Bell” have become the must-see spots in Ping Si Town.

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Anonymous said...



Rafael Lam said...

很有特色的地方, 真想去看看那個平溪的老郵筒! ^.^

fufu said...

wow 八仙洞? 很想去看看到底有沒有八仙過那個橋?? hahaha 我喜歡懷舊的火車...很有感覺 =p

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'd love to visit! What a weird experience - I love the picture in which people are standing on the track.

I must add that I absolutely love Chinese writing on walls... silly, I know, but the writing is the thing that drew me to learn Chinese when I was 12. I found it beautiful... and I still do.

Does Taiwan feel very crowded? I'm not sure how big the population is and I'm trying to compare to HK. In HK, it felt like there were 20 people per square meters, and that buildings had to be taller and taller to accommodate everyone (which is prob. the reality). There wasn't a single square feet free of construction on the island, especially in Kowloon. Of course, China is very populated too but even cities like Beijing have a lot of parks so it doesn't feel as packed (till you try to take the bus or the subway!!). So, how is Taiwan?

Anonymous said...

Tahiti? Lucky you! ;-)
I would like to visit Bora Bora one day.

kristen and micki said...

To Londoncaller- 台灣是左駕靠右行駛,沒有什麼"靠左靠右都無所謂"哩.. You are not trying to create the traffic chaos, aren't you~~ haha!

To Rafael- 平溪的老郵筒,是很多人去到那裡都一定要去看的,也算是一個小景點吧!呵!

To Fufu- 呵呵,沒有八仙過橋啦~其實,我也不懂為何要取名叫八仙洞,不過二、三十年前的台灣,很多景區都喜歡取名與神仙之類的有關。

To Zhu- Indeed Chinese Characters are beautiful. It's a precious art! I need to practice more on the Calligraphy.
The population of Taiwan is about 23 million, and 6-7 million people are in Taipei. It is hard to find a parking space in Taipei. However, I think Taipei's Metro system has played an important role in resolving or reducing the parking issues. I do think Taipei streets are not as crowded as before since most of us are transited underground now~~

Anonymous said...

呵呵,其實我的原意是“左駕靠右行駛 或 右駕靠左行駛”,無論選擇那一個方式行駛都沒有問題。

kristen and micki said...

To londoncaller- 呵呵, I see now! :):)

Anonymous said...

Llamas are getting quite popular in Britain.
People mainly raise them for their wool.
Not sure if their meat is edible...

Do you have any city farms in Taiwan?

lechua said...

the first thing i thought was.... what are the ppl doing on the rail tracks??? is that track no longer used? the oldest mailbox in Taiwan - how classic! and the bomb shelter looks well maintained for tourism..

shloke said...

First time seeing a green colored mailbox. Any particular reason?

The Bomb Shelter caught my attention. Agree with lechua. It looks clean and well maintained. I LOVE to see a cafe in the shelter :) Cool during the summer and warm on winter. LOVELY natural settings for a cuppa of coffee.

Alex Loke

kristen and micki said...

To Londoncaller- 全台各地都有大大小小農場的,可以讓遊客體驗一些農場活動,如餵小羊,擠羊奶之類的. I think these places are similar to the City Fram in your area..

To Lechua- The visitors walk on the tracks while there were no trains passing by. Indeed this may look very scary, but so far there has no accident yet ~~

To Mylo and Lechua- In Taiwan, the green mailbox is for the regular mail, and the red mailbox is for the certified or international mail. The green mailbox also has 2 openings, one is for the local service, the other for out of town service.
The Bomb Shelter and Cave are very cozy and clean. Howver, not too many visitors know these two places. They would just come to the Old Street, did not even aware that there are Bomb Shelter and Cave nearby~~

dennis said...

another great post with beautiful photos! im glad that old mailbox remains, totally adds character to the place :)

kristen and micki said...

To Dennis- Especially this old mailbox is still taking mails and makes it very special! :)

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