February 22, 2010

Dai Hua Station, Ping Si Branch



The most beautiful scenery of Ping Si Line is from San Diao Ling to Dai Hua Station. Within less than 3.6 Kilometers, the train passes through five tunnels. From the brightness to the darkness and from the cliff to the iron bridge, passengers are impressed by the stunning scenery.

PS: The best is to get on board to experience the stunning scenery yourself.


Passengers may wonder why Dai Hua station is situated in an area with less than 10 residences. This place was in a coal mining area. Dai Hua station was set up for transporting the coal. Mining was halted and people gradually moved out leaving behind only less than 10 residences now.


Dai Hua Station was built in 1949. Due to the budget deficit, this station was changed to a non-host station in 1994. Originally this station has rail tracks on both sides of the platform to let the trains intersect. Since it has become a non- host station, only one track is left.


The abandoned Dai Hua Station.


Visitors come here are to visit Dai Hua Pothole. About 20 minutes walk from the station; Dai Hua Pothole Nature Reserve is the most famous and largest pothole landscapes along the Keelung River.


Follow the sign; a small stone path next to the first tunnel could lead you to the Keelung River Valley and arrive at the famous Dai Hua Pothole Landscape.



Half way on the steps, a statue monument was built on a small platform. It has engraved words of “Sacrifice for justice, righteous behavior to lead”. This monument was built to memorize two high school students who sacrificed their lives to save their friend. Three of them were playing in the water, one was drowned by accident, two of them tried to save their friend; unfortunately they also drowned in the water.

PS: Due to the rapid water, water playing is not allowed here.


Because the rapid and swirling water which have eroded stones, potholes were formed. The hardness of the stratum structure varied. After a long time river washing of gravel, rotating and eroding of the drill, the stratum has been eroded and become large and small holes.


There are different shapes of potholes, such as round shape, oval shape, bottle gourd shape, and egg shape. There are also holes inside the holes which have formed a groove. The age can also be recognized through the different shapes. From a single hole to holes that are connected and continuing to a groove, they finally become a rock block.


Across the river, a trail by the cliff could take you to Hou Dong or San Diao Ling.

欣賞完壺穴,再沿著鐵路步行返回車站。 大華車站的腹地小,居民很少,遊客更是不多,在這裡停留,可以享受一段很舒服安靜的時光。

After seeing the potholes, return to the station along the railway. Dai Hua station is small with very few residents and visitors. Come here and you may enjoy a quiet day.


Day passes are provided by the Taiwan Railway Administration for the Ping Si branch. Passengers can ride the train unlimited within a day. Just check the train schedule; you can visit all the stations.

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Rafael Lam said...


Anonymous said...

What a shame?! It'd be fun if you could have a dip in the river!
Especially in the summer.
By the way, do you have crocodiles in Taiwan?

We do have crocodiles, snakes in Malaysian rivers!
Pretty scary!

Anonymous said...

This is really interesting, the scenary is fascinating. These potholes... I don't think I have ever seen anything similar before. The rocks look very funny!

I would love to visit, I like taking the train. My European roots :-) I hope this one is slower than the TGV though!

lechua said...

the first few photos of the potholes reminded me of skeleton bones for a moment.. ;)

shloke said...

WOW! You even counted the number of tunnels = That's AWESOME!

I always wonder....How do you get all those facts and figures? Do you interview the residents and workers or research entirely from internet? LOVE your photojournalism effort!

Beautiful natural formation!


kristen and micki said...

To Rafael- Thanks! Ping Si does not have magnificent scenery, but does give a very relaxing countryside feeling. If the photos are taken in the late afternoon, lots of interesting shots can be captured.

To Londoncaller- Ha, crocodiles can be seen in the zoos in Taiwan, not in the river. There are lots of snakes though. I have not encountered, but my friends encountered a couple of them when they went camping which was indeed very scary!

To Zhu- Indeed the potholes are very interesting and they are all in Dai Hua area. Isn’t that a gift from our Mother Nature..
Ping Si train speed is much slower than TGV, and it’s not too long either. If you would like to hike after getting off at each station, 1-2 days may be needed. It would be so great if you can come, please do let me know okay :)

To Lechua- That is a very creative and interesting thinking! :) :)

To Myle- Ha! Since there are only 5 tunnels, so it was very easy to remember. If there were more than 10, I could not have remembered!
I like to travel and visit places. Before my trip, I do my homework (gathering information online or from the books). When I get there, I try my best to chat with local people and understand their living. Because of my work, I went to Ping Si many times, and really had a closer look at the areas. Some of the information I put together for Ping Si Branch series may not even be found in Taiwan travel’s websites! (Kristen)

Cecil Lee said...

It's truly something can't be found in other travel's website. Great you have shared with us. The serenity of the place made me feel really calm and peaceful... :)

shloke said...

Ooooh! Thanks for your wonderful reply! I totally agree with what Cecil is saying! Your travel account is compact yet full of wonderful details. LOVE IT!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha... You know what we also encounter monitor lizards by the river. Some people actually eat them in Malaysia!!

Re: Heaven’s Gate / 天堂的大门 / Pintu Pagar Syurga / 天国のゲート

Oh, thank you. That's one of my favourites too! Very heaven like!

Re: Isleworth Ait / 艾尔沃斯岛 / Ait Isleworth / アイズルワース・エイト

Ha ha... You know what?! I actually got quite a few photos taken there with actual aeroplanes on either the top left or right corners!!! It's right under Heathrow flight path, so there's constant "supply" of aeroplanes, like every 2, 3 minutes literally!!! Pretty scary - how could people live down there?

kristen and micki said...

To Cecil and Mylo- Thanks to you two! :)

To londoncaller- John Wayne airport is located in the wealthy residential area in Orange County, CA. There are rules to require the aircrafts that depart from this airport need to reduce its engine noise level! Ha,, how does this sound to you? ;o)

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