November 8, 2009

Taipei Botanical Garden

I have not been to Taipei Botanical Garden since I was a kid. I did not like to go in the park because I felt it was very boring for a kid sitting on the bench and watching the lotus. Time has gone by so quickly. This time I visited the park again in June. I realized that the best is just a few steps away from me!

We walked to the park with a couple of family friends. Although it was a short visit, it totally changed my childhood impression. It may be that, because as an adult, I would appreciate more when enjoying all kinds of plants and garden sceneries.

The garden was established in 1921 and has always been the landmark of Taipei citizens. Due to the large number of species of plants, Botanical Garden has always been a great place for academic research or artists’ photographing and painting place. This eight hectare garden contains 17 districts with various plants. It has over 1500 species of plants that includes trees, succulent herbs, robust flowering plants, elegant gymnosperms, ferns, and medicinal plants among other species. The highlight of the garden is the lotus pond.

We were there in the beginning of June. Most of the lotus just started to bloom. In a few weeks, all lotuses will bloom. Just imagine how the magnificent the scenery will look!

The carefully maintained park and interesting design of the public facility were eye catching. Don’t you want to thank the Froggy holding a lotus shape umbrella for you while you are on the phone?

Thanks for a relaxing place in a busy city!

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Dave said...

Aha! Taipei Botanical Garden - a place we planned twice in our itinearies but which we ended up not visiting!

Pai seh, pai seh! ;-)

micki and kristen said...

@ Dave- Don't miss this classic garden in Taipei when you plan for the next trip to Taipei! ;) I think this is a great place for the photographers and artists when all lotuses are in full blossom~~

Dave said...

Yes I'l not miss Taipei Botanical Garden the next time we're in town.

TB Garden is just like a meal @ Mala steamboat buffet - we planned (both items/ activities) but never make it a reality! ;-)

micki and kristen said...

@ Dave- Next time try to see (eat) the small places (items) before the major places (items)~ :)

Anonymous said...

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