October 24, 2009

Sun taste, Guanmiao Noodles


“Guanmiao noodles” in Tainan Guanmiao Town has been known to be elastic and tasty. These noodles are not dried by the machine. They are dried by the fresh air and are tasty. While you enter Guanmiao Town, you can purchase the best noodles in town, and also discover the process of making these noodles….


Because of the sunny weather and mountain breath in southern Taiwan, the noodles dried and produced in this environment can be kept very long. Noodles will not become mushy even in long boiling and still taste fresh. Wandering in Guanmiao Town in a clear day, you could see the noodles being dried everywhere.


Besides hanging the long noodles on the rack to dry, the noodles can also be dried by rolling in the round basket which makes them easily organized.


You can see lots of women working hard and stacks of baskets as soon as you enter the noodle factory.


Each noodle factory has its own special process in making noodles. However, the dough after pressing will be sliced by the machines.


The pressed dough will soon become the long slim noodles.


All these slim noodles are put neatly on the conveyor belt.


Workers quickly roll the noodles to small coils, and organized them neatly on the basket.

這一小捲一小捲,當地人是叫「柳」。「柳」是關廟麵的計量單位,一柳代表一份。 一柳一柳的麵捲,形成相當美麗的圖案。

Local people named the small coil “Liu”. “Liu” is the unit of measure for the Guanmiao noodles. One “Liu” is a coil. Many “Lius” become a beautiful design on the basket.


Here is the view of the whole conveyor belt.


Next, noodle drying will start.


Noodles need to be completely dried in the sun for 3 days. They also need to be placed upside down to have dried in both sides evenly.


Be aware of the weather changes. When it rains, the noodles need to be put away, or they need to be tossed if they get wet. Noodles cannot be over dried as well. Weather would decide the quantities of the noodles make, it is something workers can’t control.


While I was visiting, it started to rain so that the noodles were put away by the workers.


The sun-dried Guanmiao noodles do not contain preservatives. It tastes solid and flexiable. Please enjoy them!

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dennis said...

i love local and traditional producers, mainly not because they do make good quality products but more so they represent local taiwanese culture.

Micki & Kristen said...

The closer we were getting to the local, the richer the local culture we were experiencing

thanks dennis !

lechuaphotography said...

hi miki&kristen, just came across your blog (been reading through your south taiwan posts) and really like how you are covering the culture and living heritage of Taiwan. I recently decided to make an effort to find out more about my country (malaysia) too so i'm interesed in reading about other countries esp in asia. Excellent photos too!

kristen and micki said...

To lechuaphotography- During discovering the culture and living heritage of Taiwan, we also gained lots of knowledge through the process. Thanks for your comment. It sounds like you will introduce your country via blog. We look forward to reading Malaysia under your introduction~~

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