August 11, 2009

Tribes will survive…

In Taiwan, Typhoon Morakot spawned mudslides and destroyed the remote mountain tribe villages in the south. As an admirer of the tribes, I have been caught in my heart since August 8 after watching the TV news.

I pay attention to every village names reported on TV, although I really do not want to see any tribe villages I visited in June to be one of the mudslide victims. There are friends and families there! However, Wutai, Shenshan, Ahli, Chanshan, Dabang, Tefuye, Laiji, Lija, Shanmei, and Tefuye that we visited are all affected..Can't describe how I feel now..

Although I am in the US, my heart has been with Taiwan all this time to hope that all of them will be safe and rescued. All villages will be re-built soon. Typhoon Morakot will not destroy their strengths. Mudslides will not bury their belief. I have confidence in all affected tribes in Taiwan, since I know they love deeply their homeland mountains where their roots are. They will re-build their villages better, stronger, and sooner than we expect! Read More


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Diddo, same to me! We will continue to support them all the way!

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