July 22, 2009

Taipei Metro

During the days in Taipei, I took the metro to commute within the city. All commuters had to take the escalator to reach the metro station inside the metro building. I got on the escalator and stood on the left side. I looked up and down the escalator and noticed that no one stood on the left side of the escalator. I was the only one.....

I moved to the right side as soon as I found out, since I did not want to be the only “it”. After the observation, I noticed that all commuters stood on the right side of the escalator and kept the left side open for those who wanted to walk up the escalator. “What a good system and enforcement"! Even during the traffic hours, with a long line waiting to get on the escalator, all commuters lined up on the right side of the escalator only and left the left side opened… "very impressive!"

Below is the Taipei Metro system Map:

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